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Camp Intrepid 2015
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Registration for Camp Intrepid 2015 is now closed. Check back in January for information about Camp Intrepid 2016.

Camp Information
Welcome to Camp Intrepid—the Intrepid Museum's place to be for campers during school-year and summer breaks! When school's out, ship's in for these week-long, fun-filled camps for children 5-13 years old, with themed activities around space, planes and pilots, inventions and more. Learn more about our year-round camp opportunities below.
  • Camp runs 9:00am to 5:00pm, Early drop-off at 8:30am and late dismissal at 5:30pm are available.
  • Camp takes place on the Intrepid Museum in our education spaces.
  • Transportation to Camp is the responsibility of the child’s family.
  • We are a nut-free camp.
  • Snacks are provided to campers twice a day.
  • Campers can bring lunch or pre-order nut-free lunches through the Intrepid Museum.
  • Temporary parking can be arranged for easy drop-off and pick-up of campers.
  • Click here to view a Plan of the Day.

Calendar for Camp Intrepid Winter Spring 2015
Camp 2015 Dates
Kids Week
Registration for the Kids Week session of Camp Intrepid,
February 16-20, is now closed.
February 16-20
Celebrate aviation as the Intrepid Museum kicks off Kids Week! Intrepid campers participate in the Museum’s ship-wide festivities exploring flight and space and use their engineering skills to design and create. From falcons and hawks, to jets and the Hubble Space Telescope, create amazing planes, explore the four forces of flight, design a vessel for a safe egg drop experiment, tinker with engineering and robotics, and explore aviation like never before!
WaterWorks March 16-20

Spend the week exploring the science of water, seagoing vessels and life at sea. Activities for all ages include exploring submarine Growler and our Submerged exhibit, experimenting with water types and their properties, and more!

Campers ages 5-7
: After designing and creating their unique vessels, campers will test the sinking and floating principles of buoyancy and graph their outcomes.

Campers ages 8-13: Using the 3D computer modeling program Tinkercad campers will design and create a blueprint of their vessel, then create a 3D model of their ships using a 3D printer. Determine how your creation compares to Intrepid!
Intrepid Sets Sail March 23-27

Through ship-wide scavenger hunts, artifacts, cruise books, uniforms and oral histories, campers will explore areas of USS Intrepid used by crew members. Campers keep logs of their daily experiences aboard Intrepid just like crew members.

Campers ages 5-7:
Using “I Spy” prompts, campers will identify crew, such as pilot, captain, cook, navigator, engineer and sailor, and create their own Crew Patch.

Campers ages 8-13: Campers will record experiences of Intrepid life in their journals, and investigate the importance of navigation and how it has evolved to computers and GPS since Intrepid was in service. To sum it up, campers will create a cruise book page reflective of their week’s adventures!
Hubble: A Blast from the Past! April 6-10

In conjunction with our HUBBLE@25 exhibition, discover the wonders of space, stars and planets while examining the telescope’s AMAZING photographs!

Campers ages 5-7:
Campers learn about space, astronomy, and telescopes, creating their own galaxies and constellations and “viewing” the night sky using the Intrepid Museum’s portable planetarium.

Campers ages 8-13: Campers use NASA’s programs to identify and categorize galaxies, deep fields, constellations, and black holes, and compare their findings to those of scientists. In addition, campers will use computers to design 3D Mars habitats, incorporating information gathered over the week.

Are all telescopes the same? What will replace Hubble and where will it travel? Let your imagination take you to the stars!
Dates and themes subject to change.
Pricing Information for Camp Intrepid Winter Spring 2015:

Day rate: $125
Weekly rate: $575

There is a 10% discount available for siblings, returning campers and for those with a Family Membership to the Museum.

Calendar for Camp Intrepid Summer 2015
Camp 2015 Dates
Basics of Boot Camp June 15-19

Investigate the physical skills needed to be an Intrepid crew member. Push-ups, lunges, obstacle courses, and relay races come together to create challenges for campers to master in groups and individually. Partnering with teammates, younger campers will exhibit their stamina during sack races, the Frankenstein Walk, and “Captain’s Coming,” and cool down with some yoga positions. Older campers will create obstacle courses and relay races, challenge each other in basic drills like mogul jumps, fast footwork, squats and sprints, and bring it back with yoga meditation.

Sailing the Ancient Seas June 22-26

Did you know that pirates used GPS? That the navigator was second in importance only to the captain? Our younger campers will learn about navigation, map-making, and spy glasses as we follow our maps around the ship and compare Intrepid spaces to those in pirate ships. As cartographers, our older campers will create trade route maps to safely transport their cargo with the help of instruments such as the compass rose, quadrant and sea charts, comparing ancient navigation techniques to those used on the Intrepid. All campers will explore navigation by the stars in our portable planetarium, and of course there will be a visit to the captain’s bridge!

Passport to the World July 6-10
Virtually touring campers will stop at some of the ports of call visited by Intrepid during its time in service. Our younger group investigates cultures, languages and food from countries like Italy and Greece, and keeps track of their travels in their Intrepid passports. Older campers will explore culture and history of the countries visited, taking a closer look at the time Intrepid would have been in port, and exploring the ship’s history through historic photographs and documents. In addition, older groups will build geography and cartography skills, exploring and creating maps of the regions.
Intrepid Inventors July 13-17
How do inventions come about? For those who are always thinking about ways to make life better, easier and more fun, here’s a chance to solve some problems. Many of our everyday items were invented by the military or NASA as an answer to a challenge. During this week, our younger campers will experiment with everyday materials trying to answer “what would happen if…” questions. Given a design problem, our older campers are tasked with creating a model to solve the problem, testing and modifying it, and constructing the prototype using our 3D printer.
Spy Science July 20-24
Acting as detectives investigating and solving mysteries, younger campers will experiment with invisible ink, coding and decoding, creating Rebus messages and the uniqueness of fingerprints. They’ll create their own camouflage patterns and send messages through their invented codes. Our older groups will explore fingerprint analysis, create scytales, send messages using signal flags, and practice Morse code. Using the ship’s artifacts such as signal flags and talk tubes, as well as visits to the ready room, combat information center, and captain’s bridge, campers will investigate places aboard the ship that correlate to coding/decoding and communication.
Space Creations and Spin-Offs July 27-31
The history of Intrepid includes space capsule recovery missions for NASA, and the Museum is now the home of the shuttle orbiter Enterprise. With the scientific advancements of space travel, many innovations were born out of necessity for space exploration and have found their way into our everyday lives. Titanium eyeglasses, cordless tools, robotic limbs and computerized solar water heaters are just a few of these items. During this week, our younger campers will work on constructing robotic creatures while building up their collaborative engineering skills. Our older groups will be introduced to the 3D printer, using their creativity and problem-solving skills to design their own spin-offs, space crafts or telescopes. All campers will create solar ovens and investigate real spin-offs, after which they will design and assemble their own new technology.
Submerged: Science of Submarines August 3-7
Exploring the Growler submarine and our Submerged exhibit, campers will compare the similarities and differences of different sea vessels, the properties of buoyancy and life aboard a submarine, including food storage and crew life. Using everyday items, our younger campers will perform experiments to test the principles of sinking and floating and create models to test buoyancy and ability to hold cargo. Using the scientific method to investigate and understand the laws of buoyancy and changing designs of submarines, the older groups will design, draft and create their own submarine vessel blueprints. After perfecting their design, their drafts will be interpreted by our printer and transformed into 3D replicas.
Under Construction: Ship-Friendly Building August 10-14
Young engineers can investigate the world of bridges and canals through the history of Intrepid. As aircraft carriers and ships grew in size and height, so did the dimensions of bridges and canals in order to accommodate them. Campers will don their architectural and engineering caps as they take on the task of creating unique ship-friendly structures. Our younger campers will work with simple tools and construction plans in their introduction to bridges and bridge making. Our older campers will sketch and build bridges and canals suitable for modern ships to navigate and travel through, and take a look at what ships travel where, as well as the different venues used. With this knowledge, campers will construct appropriate structures using the 3D printer to enable these ships to pass through safely.
Hubble and Beyond! August 17-21
Explore the history of space science from its infancy to the advent jets, from celestial navigation to GPS, from harnessing solar power to space travel, and discovering the universe through the lens of the Hubble Space Telescope. Using our exhibition HUBBLE@25 younger campers will discover the wonders of space, astronomy and telescopes. They’ll create their own galaxies and constellations and “view” the night sky in our portable planetarium. Our older campers will explore NASA’s computer programs to identify and categorize galaxies, deep fields, constellations, and black holes and compare their findings to those of scientists.

*Camp is usually divided into three age groups: 5-7, 8-10 and 11-13 years old. The two older groups may occasionally participate in similar projects.

Dates and themes subject to change.
Registration for Camp Intrepid Summer 2015 is now closed.

Pricing Information for Camp Intrepid Summer 2015:
New Campers:

Regular Weekly Rate: $700 (Purchased between February 21 and May 31)
Final Weekly Rate: $800 (Purchased between June 1 and August 1, space permitting)

Returning Campers:

Regular Weekly Rate: $650 (Purchased between February 21 and May 31)
Final Weekly Rate: $800 (Purchased between June 1 and August 1, space permitting)

There is a 10% discount available for siblings, returning campers and for those with a Family Membership to the Museum.

Please note that reservations are not considered complete and spots are not guaranteed until full payment is received.

If paying by check or money order, full payment must be post-marked within two weeks of submitting the registration form or your spot may be released.

What time does Camp start and end?
Camp begins at 9:00am every day and ends at 5:00pm. Campers can be dropped off as early as 8:30am and picked up no later than 5:30pm.
What if my child needs to leave earlier than 5:00pm?
Children who must leave before 5:00pm can be picked up at our early dismissal time of 3:30pm. Please notify us at morning check-in or send an email to us by noon.
Where do I drop my child off?
Children should be dropped off at West 46th Street and 12th Avenue in front of the Intrepid Museum. All children must be accompanied by a guardian and checked-in with a Camp staff member.
Do you have parking?
Temporary parking only as you drop-off or pick-up your child is available on 12th Avenue between 45th and 46th Streets. The entrance to the parking lot is located on the northbound side of 12th Avenue, across from the Museum.
Does the Camp provide lunch?
Camp Intrepid is a nut-free camp. Campers are encouraged to bring their own lunches, but if you wish to order lunch for your child, lunch forms should be filled out two weeks prior to your child’s Camp week. Campers cannot buy their own lunches at the Museum nor do campers have access to a refrigerator or microwave.
How do I order lunch
Lunch is provided by a Museum vendor ordered in advance and delivered fresh every day. Campers receive a nut-free lunch of a sandwich, chips or fruit and a bottle of water. The forms to order lunches will be sent to families after campers are registered.
Do you provide snacks during the camp day?
Nut-free snacks are provided once in the morning and again in the afternoon. We also provide water and/or juice with our snacks.
What does my child do at Camp all day
A sample schedule can be previewed by clicking here. Each day of Camp is subject to change. Projects and activities relate to the themes of the week.
What is the Exploreum Interactive Hall?
The Exploreum Interactive Hall is a 13,000-square-foot, fully interactive exhibition space on the Museum’s hangar deck. These interactive exhibits are designed especially for children and families to discover the Intrepid Museum’s main themes of water, air, space and life at sea. Campers have the unique opportunity at the start of their day to interact with this space before the Museum opens to the public.
What is the X-D Theater?
Located in the Museum’s Exploreum Interactive Hall, campers have the opportunity once a week to enjoy this 4D motion ride theater. Each seat brings a wide range of dynamic 4D simulation and vibration, combined with 3D graphics, high definition sound and unmatched speed.
What is the Beast ride?
The Circle Lines’ “Beast” is a 30-minute fun-filled speedboat ride that takes our campers down to the Statue of Liberty and back to Pier 83 at 42nd Street and 12th Avenue. Only campers in the summer sessions of Camp Intrepid will enjoy once-a-week visits to the Beast ride.
When do campers ride the Beast?
Every week in the summer session, campers embark the Beast at 4:00pm on Wednesdays. We will reschedule to later in the week in the event of rain. For more information, please click here.
Where do I pick my child up after the Beast ride?
We will dismiss campers from the Beast ride at 4:45pm from Pier 83 on 42nd Street and 12th Avenue, just down the street from the Intrepid Museum. There is NO late pick-up on boat ride days; therefore the latest pick-up is 5:00pm.
Will my child get wet on the Beast?
Most campers will get wet while on the ride, but do dry off fast in the summer sunshine. Parents/guardians may wish to bring a change of clothes for their camper to change into at dismissal, as we do not go back to the Intrepid Museum after the ride.
What if my child wishes to not ride the Beast?
Early pick-up at 3:15pm at the Intrepid Museum can be arranged for campers who wish to refrain from riding the Beast.
Will my child be provided with a Camp t-shirt?
Yes. Each week there is a new Camp Intrepid shirt. Campers receive their shirts on Monday, but as they are used for ID in the Museum and on the boat ride, they do not take their shirts home to keep until the end of the week.
More questions?
Please contact us at camp@intrepidmuseum.org or (646) 381-5166 for further information.