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Lesson Extensions
Suggested Reading for Teachers and Students
A trip to the Intrepid is a great way for teachers to enhance science, math, social studies and language arts units. Below you will find a number of suggested reading materials that may compliment or augment current topics and tie directly into the school programs offered by the Intrepid Education Department.

Click here for a comprehensive reading list divided by subject area and grade level. Each title is accompanied by a brief description.
Enrichment Activities for Students - Before and After Your Visit
A museum visit is always a fun and exciting time for students and teachers. Create a more meaningful trip with a few simple, classroom based activities. The Intrepid Education Department has provided a number of quick activities that can prepare your students for the trip and enhance engagement at the museum, while reflective activities after the excursion will reinforce concepts learned.

Click here for a variety of activities. Included are select historic photos of Intrepid’s crew and our current aircraft collection. Activities are adaptable for multiple grade levels.