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Restaurant Associates is the exclusive caterer at the Intrepid Museum. Frost Lighting is the exclusive vendor for lighting within the museum. The Intrepid also offers a preferred vendor list for any of your other event needs. Please speak to your special events manager for recommendations.
Catering by Restaurant Associates
We are a custom caterer devoted to creating extraordinary events. Fresh, local ingredients and years of fine-tuned culinary expertise are just the start. Every dish we prepare is the culmination of years of experience, carefully built infrastructure, and a tireless dedication to quality. We’re as nimble and adventurous as the boutique firms and as disciplined as a battalion. We're dedicated not only to the technical standards you'd expect—craft, precision, presentation—but to a sense of warmth and welcome that can't be measured. We cut no corners to make big events feel intimate and intimate events feel magnificent.
We are Catering x Restaurant Associates. We are CxRA
Click here to visit our website.
Frost Lighting
Frost Lighting is the exclusive vendor at the Intrepid for lighting, Our design and installation services are unparalleled at the Intrepid and countless venues throughout the New York area. We offer the very latest in intelligent lighting, energy efficient LED programmable lighting, as well as more traditional stage lighting. Our staff and creative department are available to give even the smallest event a special look and feel. Our in-house status at the Intrepid assures the smoothest and most stress-free installations for all our clients. With our intimate knowledge of all of the event spaces at the Intrepid, we can offer our clients the smartest and most appropriate means to create special lighting, based on our long experience. Click here to visit our website.
Approved Vendors
Wizard Studios Fireworks by Grucci
Bounce Music and Entertainment Ice Sculpture Designs
DJ RuMeR Productions Cort Event Furnishings
NCG Visuals Dynamic Drape & Décor
Darryn Murphy Designs Party Rental Ltd.
Stamford Tent & Event Services Gold Key Valet Parking LLC.
Bay Fireworks Ink48
Zak Events Hang It Up Coat Check
Additional Services
The Intrepid Museum offers additional services to further enhance your event. Tour guides can be hired to give guests a more intimate look at the ‘behind the scenes’ area of the museum. Simulators can be rented to add even more excitement to your event. Please speak to your special events manager for more information about these services.

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