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When it comes to your social events, whether it may be a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, birthday, or retirement celebration, you want a departure from the ordinary. The Intrepid Museum offers a one-of-a-kind New York experience with historical ambience to wow your guests. Whether you dream of a grand gala or an intimate gathering, we invite you to explore all the possibilities we have to offer. Allow this historic landmark to be your dream venue.

*Seating capacities are on a case-by-case basis and are subject to change.

The Great Hall

Seated Dinner: 165
Standing Reception: 200
Theater Style Meeting: 165
Classroom Style Seating: 125


Seated Dinner: 35 – 45
Standing Reception: 70

VIP Reception Room

Seated Dinner: 40
Standing Reception 65
Theater Style Meeting: 50


Depending on Setup: 20 to 30 Per Room

Hangar 1

Seated Dinner: 125
Standing Reception: 200
Theater Style Meeting: 125

  Hangar 2

Seated Dinner: 110
Standing Reception: 600

Portside Aircraft Elevator

Seated Dinner: 100
Standing Reception: 120

  Hangar 3

Seated Dinner: 900
Standing Reception: 1,100
Theater Style Meeting: 900

Allison and Howard Lutnick Theater

Permanent Seating: 247
Additional Popup Seating: 40

  Flight Deck

Reception: 1600

Space Shuttle Pavilion

Reception: 400
Theater Seating: 150

  Intrepid Museum Pier

Theater Seating: 1,500