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Operation Slumber

Spend a night aboard Intrepid! Operation Slumber overnights are a new and exciting way to experience the Museum and to see what life was really like aboard Intrepid. The evening includes educational activities, a visit inside the Space Shuttle Pavilion, a flashlight tour of the flight deck, a ride in a flight simulator and meals (dinner, snacks and breakfast). Members at the Family level and above receive a special discount!

  • Upcoming Overnights
  • December 16: Holiday theme
  • January 13
  • January 27

For more information and a full schedule, click here or call 646-381-5010.

Birthday Parties

Fill your child’'s birthday with wonder and discovery. Choose from exciting themes, value packages and customized options to create a unique birthday adventure for your child. Members at the Family level and above receive 15% off.

SPECIAL OFFER: Does your child have a birthday in November or December? Book a birthday party for those months and receive a FREE upgrade to the next package level, AND your membership discounts will still apply! Click here for more information.

Kids Week

Special programs specifically designed for children and their parents or caregivers guarantee that your day at the Intrepid Museum will be fun and educational! All programs are one hour long and meet at the Information Desk on the hangar deck.

Upcoming Family Programs:
November 4 – Jobs on Deck  REGISTER HERE
November 5 – Jobs on Deck  REGISTER HERE
November 18 – Splashdown!  REGISTER HERE
November 19 – Splashdown!  REGISTER HERE

Diving into Density
How does Intrepid float? How did Growler dive? Take a tour of our massive aircraft carrier, and explore our interactive exhibit Submerged. Then dive and surface with your own submarine by creating a Cartesian diver in our workshop.

High-Flying Design
Make the best and most unique paper airplanes around while learning about the four forces of flight.

Star Stories
Take a trip inside the Intrepid Museum’s planetarium to learn myths from around the world that explain the stars in the sky. Then create your own constellation and myth in a storytelling activity.

Flying in Style
There’s more to aircraft than wings and engines. Get up close to the aircraft in our collection to learn how symbols and paint schemes set each airplane apart. Then head back to the classroom to create a family squadron insignia and decorate an airplane.

Sometimes you just need to slow down—especially when you’re plummeting to Earth after a trip to outer space. In this out-of-this-world workshop, you’ll learn about Intrepid’s role in the Space Race and then drop parachutes to see how space capsules came back down to Earth safely.

Jobs on Deck
Planes don’t put themselves in the air, especially on an aircraft carrier like Intrepid. For naval aviators to take flight from an aircraft carrier, they need a whole team of people and the power of a steam catapult. Take on the roles of the flight deck crew in this interactive tour that follows aircraft from the hangar deck to the air and back again.