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The Camp GOALS for Girls 2014 student application process is now closed!
Camp GOALS  
The Beginning

Camp GOALS stands for Greater Opportunities Advancing Leadership and Science for Girls. Funded by the Motorola Solutions Foundation, Camp GOALS began in 2008 as GOALS for Girls- Propel Yourself Forward, a partnership with four Young Women Leadership Schools in New York City. The program focused on providing five 8th grade student classes and participating math and science teachers with Intrepid-focused hands-on, inquiry-based activities and lessons. As enrichment to the program two Youth Leadership Conferences were held aboard the Intrepid for the entire 8th grade class from all four schools. The Conference provided the students with the opportunity to speak with and hear from influential women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields. Many distinguished women volunteered to serve as mentors, including professors and graduate students from Mercy College, Columbia University, Brooklyn College, CUNY and St. Francis College, to name a few institutions.

The success of the 2008 GOALS program propelled the Motorola Solutions Foundation to increase impact and expand the opportunity for additional girls to be engaged in the sciences. Therefore, Camp GOALS for Girls was created as a 4-week summer science program for rising 7th and 8th grade female students. Through the completion of the competitive application and interview process, 40 female students from high-needs/low-income neighborhoods attending New York City Title I public schools attended the first Camp GOALS for Girls in 2009. This 4-week summer program immersed the girls in various STEM-related activities, engaged in field trip to educational institutions throughout New York City, provided the opportunity to meet and speak with influential women in the sciences and culminated with an overnight stay aboard the Intrepid Museum.

Camp GOALS for Girls, Mission

The mission of the Camp GOALS for Girls program is to build proficiency in math and science skills while drawing on resources from the Intrepid Museum exhibits, visits with partner educational institutions and meetings with female scientists and professionals from the STEM fields. Camp GOALS fosters curiosity and inspires female students to explore the sciences and realize the possibilities of STEM career paths.

The Continuation of Success

Camp GOALS for Girls has continued to be a program that is popular among female student participants, their parents and education professionals. Since 2009, Camp GOALS has broadened its scope by encouraging rising 9th and 10th grade girls from NYC public schools to participate in 6 weeks of academic enrichment through engaging, hands-on activities and fieldtrips. Over the past 4 years, the Camp program has impacted approximately 150 middle and high schools girls and their families and worked with over 200 colleges and universities, corporations, education professionals and NYC Department of Education, public schools.

The program has expanded to include year-long experiences for Camp alumnae, family and friends. Through chosen Saturday/Sunday afternoons at the Intrepid, educators continue to provide exciting and innovative programming in the STEM disciplines for the “GOALS community.” Additional opportunities are also provided, such as college readiness workshops, college fairs and summer jobs and internships.

How to Attend
The Process

All female students who attend the Camp GOALS for Girls 2014 summer program must meet the qualifications and must complete an interview with one of the Intrepid Education Staff. The robust student application is utilized to assess the student’s interests in math and science, writing and organizational, academic achievements, and social and leadership abilities. Once the student has completed the full application and assessments have been made, she may be asked to participate in the interview process. After the one-on-one interview with the Intrepid’s Education Staff, the student and her parent/guardian will be contacted as to her acceptance into the program. You can read more about the student application, interview process, and acceptances below.


This program derives its uniqueness from the real-world through engineering, environmental studies and awareness, as well as one-on-one mentoring with women established in the sciences. Participants work side-by-side with female professionals from various cultural institutions, government agencies, and community and global organizations. The camp promotes developing a positive sense of self and establishing lifelong friendships.

*Camper selection is not made on a first come-first-serve basis.

All female students must:
  • Reside and attend a school located in the 5 boroughs of New York City (Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island)
  • Be a rising 9th or 10th grader in the Fall of 2014 (current 8th or 9th grader)
  • Attend a New York City school (female students that attend NYC Title 1 public schools are highly encouraged to apply and are given priority of assessment)
  • Complete the full application, includes essay, copy of transcripts and teacher recommendation from Math or Science teacher (additional information/deadlines are noted within these documents)
Who do we want?

Once all the necessary qualifications are met, the Camp GOALS for Girls program encourages the following female students to apply:

  • You really like math and science, but your current academic grades do not reflect your abilities
  • You really like math and science, and your current grades reflect high academic achievement
  • You are interested in learning more about the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields through hands-on exploration and discovery
  • You enjoy working in teams, trying new things, making new friends
  • You are interested in learning more about the many fields of math and science, including engineering and computer science
  • You are able to commit to the full 6-weeks of summer fun and learning
The Application

The Camp GOALS for Girls student application process is now closed!

Email questions to Shay Saleem at CampGOALS@intrepidmuseum.org (NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE)

For Schools/Community Leaders

The Camp GOALS for Girls program prides itself in encouraging the participation of female students from high-needs/low income neighborhoods that attend New York City schools, especially Title I public schools. There are many 8th and 9th grade girls with outstanding potential in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields; however, they many need additional guidance and encouragement to achieve academic and social success.

We would like teachers, schools administrators, and community leaders to help us to provide such students with the opportunity to expand their scientific knowledge and skills by participating in the application process.

Our recruitment goals are to encourage interest in math and science among ALL girls. We are seeking campers to represent girls of all learning styles. This program will greatly appeal to those students who already have a passion for science and math and will spark new interest for those who currently struggle in these subject areas. This program offers a wonderful opportunity for students to strengthen their academic and leadership skills so they will return to school in the fall with a new sense of confidence.

If you have a daughter or know of a female student(s) who is eligible to apply please click here for additional information.

Camp GOALS for Girls Information Workshop

If you have a cohort of eligible female students in your school or community who you feel would benefit from additional information and words of encouragement to apply, please contact Shay Saleem to schedule a workshop at your school/community center or aboard the Intrepid Museum. All workshops must be scheduled at least 2 weeks prior to chosen date and location. All cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

  • For a school/community based workshop you must have a minimum of 15 interested and eligible female students. A school administrator or adult chaperone must be in attendance, with a 10:1 ratio (1 adult per every 10 students).
  • For an on-ship Camp GOALS Workshop you must have a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 25 interested and eligible female students. A school administrator/adult chaperone must accompany the group with a 10:1 ratio (1 adult per every 10 students).
*Each camper will receive a complete copy of the student application (6-page application and teacher recommendation)

For Parents
Coming soon.

For additional information or questions about the Camp GOALS for Girls summer program please contact the following people:

Shay Saleem
Coordinator of Camp GOALS for Girls

Kerry McLaughlin
Manager, School Enrichment Programs

Mailing Address:
Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum
Education Department
One Intrepid Square, Pier 86
W46th Street and 12th Ave
New York, New York 10036