Past Honorees

Thank you for your Service

  • Nathaniel G. Amend, Jr., MUS 3/C, USN 1943-45
    His love of country & family is unsurpassed. We love & miss you Katie, Kathy, Roy & Trey.
  • AMM 2C Elmer E. Anderson Plankowner, USN 1943-1944
    In memory of the greatest guy, my husband of 66 years. Love you, Dorothy.
  • Robert P. Anderson, Jr., AOM1, USNR 1942-45
    Faithful service to country, family & Washington Engine Co Croton Fire Dept. Croton NY. Plankowner & one of the “Greatest Generation”.
  • AMMPacV2 Karl James Ashley, Jr., USN 1942-45 
    In honor of your service, dedication, and loyalty. Be at peace. Forever at sea. Love your family.   
  • PFC Charles Asztalos, USA
    Defense Plant Worker Roseann Asztalos
    S1c Eskew Steffens (KIA USS Intrepid 11/25/44)

    For their World War II service.
  • Capt. Sverre Bach, Intrepid 1944, USN 1942-74 
    VF-6 fighter pilot flying F6F Hellcats, invasion of Kwajalein Atoll and strikes on Truk.
  • CPO David E. Benedict, USN 1958-61 
    Intrepid - My first navy home - an honor I cherish. So many memories that will live on.
  • Benjamin R. Berkey, USNA Class of 2014 
    We honor & salute your allegiance to our country. L&L holding company, LLC
  • RM1c William Bielawski, USN 1943 – 1946
    PhM1c Parker Nash, USN 1943 – 1945

    Our everlasting love to Dad and Uncle Parker. - Lauren and Leslie
  • Charles E. Boisselle, PO3, USN 1945-51 
    World War II DAV and Korean conflict God Bless America.
  • YN3 CV11 Edmund Bradbury, USN 1954-1956 
    YN3-CV11 EAB 1954-56 For the love of the mighty "I" Your family Terri, Suzanne, Ali & Manny.
  • AK2 Carl Bradley, USN 1955-1975
    Devoted husband, father, grand & great grandfather. So thankful for your service to family & country.

  • AE1 William Michael “Bill” Brannon, USN, 1965-1970
    E1-B Tracer “Willy Fudd” crewman, VAW-121, aboard USS Intrepid for two WestPac cruises circa ’66–‘68  
  • SGT John N. Bratichak, USMC 1950-53 
    Devoted American, husband, father, grandfather, brother, son, boss, teacher. We love you. Semper Fi
  • LCDR Edward James Broms, Jr., USN, 1961-68 
    Missing in action 1968 - 2011 Love is eternal.  
  • RM3 Arnold Brown, USN 1944-1946
    In loving memory of a man of wit and wisdom.
    He loved his family and his country, and is greatly missed.

  • Brugman Family - Four Generations of Honorable Service 
    Mathias, USMC WWI; Arthur, USN WWII; Dennis, USN; Jason, USAF; Rena, USAF  
  • FTL3 Friedrich R. Brunjes, USN 1956-1960
    Your devotion to family, faith and country has inspired us all. With love and gratitude, your family.

  • Capt. Gerry Byrne, USMC 1966-1969 
    "A" CO, TBS 1-67 SEMPER FI
  • EM2 Everett Camp, USN 1943-1949
    In memory of his years on the Intrepid, 1943-1945
  • AN1c William F. Cannon, USN 1954–1959
    Our quiet hero.  He served his country and was devoted to family and God.
  • CDR Donald R. Carver, USN 1971-73 
    "Doc" was an OA Div. Off. and Sr. Deck Watch Off. during the Cold War.
  • Alfonso "Chavy" Chavarrias, GM 3/C, USN  
    Awarded the Navy Cross by the Pres. of U.S.A. for heroism in combat on 29 October, 1944
  • Lt. Jg. Leslie C. Clemmer, K2 Division, USNR 1943-45 
    Your devotion & duty to country & family has inspired us all. We love you - Edith, Les, Paul & Susie
  • Joseph T. Cobert, SKV1c, Plankowner, USNR 1940-45 
    For dad - who inspired faith, loyalty & patriotism all out love - Pat, John, Rob, Bill, Liz & families.
  • Tom Cox, Private, USMC, 1943-46
    As a teenage marine he landed the first day at Iwo Jima, then went on to a career of distinguished public service.
  • LTJG Gerald David Deeney, USNR 1942-45
    U.S. Navy Air Corps WWII heavy cruiser floatplanes.
  • LCDR Robert F. Dias, US Navy 1943-68
    In honor of your service in WWII, Korea and Vietnam, from the Richard J. Dias family
  • LT Donald Domenic DiMarzo, USNR 1941-1944
    Killed on Intrepid with 68 crew members during kamikaze attacks of 11/25/44.
    Donated by Diane Weinstein & Basil Vasilkioti

  • R. G. Dougherty, SN, 2nd Division, USN 1957-59
  • Seaman Charles R. Doyle, USS Alaska, USN 1944-45
  • Lt. Jg. Frederick T. Doyle, Jr., USS Intrepid, USN 1944-45 
  • AMM1 Thomas F. Dugan, USN 1943-1945
    “We love you!” Dixie, Linda, Susan, Stacey, Michael & Bossie
  • Jack H. Edwards S1c, USS Intrepid, USN 1944-46  
    In recognition of your service during WWII with pride, your son Jack and your entire family.
  • Lt. Joseph J. Ehrhard, USS Intrepid, USNR 1942-46  
    In honor of your service, valor & sacrifice we love you Dad- Jenny, Chris, Clay & Kelly
  • Fleet Angels of Lakehurst (HU-2, HC-2, HSC-2)
    Honoring all those who served their country during their time with the Fleet Angels.
  • LTJG Bernard E. Fipp, USNR, VA-34, Intrepid 1967
    Honoring our father who inspired patriotism and taught us pride in family, country & self.
    We love you.

  • ENG Arthur H. Flynn, Jr., USN 1960-63 
    Your devotion & duty to country & family has inspired us all. We love you!  
  • Lt Col Samuel B. Folsom, USN 1939-41, USMC 1941-63
    Guadalcanal, Okinawa, Korea, Test Pilot Intrepid museum docent 1994-2014. Your friends honor your service.
  • Lt. Mark T. Frank, USNR 1972-77 
    May the seas always provide peace and happiness for all without harm or sorrow.
  • CPT Neil J. Gagnon, U.S. Army EOD, 1961 – 1964
    Thank you for steering our ship for 15 years. With love, your crew at Gagnon Securities.
  • Capt. Richard Kenna Gaines, USN 1925-1955 
    First Executive Officer, USS Intrepid 1943 from daughter-Maud Gaines Tarrant-and his family
  • LT CMDR James S. Gardner, USN 1954-66 
    Flying was one of your loves, you are ours. We've got your six! Your loving family.
  • Richard N. Gauthier, HM3,  USN 1962-1966 
    To honor your supreme sacrifice for your shipmates 1966.
  • CDR Joseph B. Geisler, USNR 1942-69 
    A fighter pilot and attorney who served his country and city with pride.
  • LCPL Jack Gelband, USMC 1966-68 
    A Vietnam veteran, who served his country with honor. He will be loved and remembered forever.
  • Stuart Gelband, MM3, USN 1970-71 
    An Intrepid sailor inspired by my comrades. We sailed the high seas and came home better men.
  • Seaman 1st Class Hector Giannasca, USN 1943-45
    Three years active service WWII and fifteen years as a dedicated volunteer; Hector loves this ship!
  • Lt. Thomas L. Gibbs, USN WWII & Korea 
    In memory of your wisdom and humor. From your loving family.  
  • Lt. James A. Gibbs, USNR 1957-59 
    In honor of all who served aboard this great ship.
  • Nicola "Nick" Gigliotti, RM3, USN 1961-66 
    To serve on the Intrepid & its crew was an honor I'm proud of our families at home & our country.
  • Lt. John Lee Gill, USS Santee CVE-29, USN 1942-50 
    FBI 1951-77 honored family, friends & MD VFW 7464
  • AOM 3c Gerald G. Goguen, Plankowner, USN 1943-45 
    Thank you for serving our country. Your loving children Gerald, Gregory, Susan & Michelle Goguen
  • - TM2 Vito Peter Greco, USNR 1943-46
    Our pride and love are infinite. Love, your seven daughters.
  • ARM3 Cula Ray Griggs, USS Intrepid, USNR 1943-45
    Thank you for fighting for us. We miss you.  Rest in peace. Love, your children & grandchildren.
  • ABH 2 Bill Gronlund, USS Intrepid 1970-72
    Honor, pride and courage is a credit to all who served.  
  • Lewis L. Gross, Chief Boatswain's Mate, USN 1943-45  
    We honor your service. Love, Rosaria, Ronald, Christine, Shanti Shanti Kaur, Michael & Millie
  • The Sailors of Gun Tub 10
    In honor of their valor in defending Intrepid against a kamikaze attack, October 29, 1944.
  • AMS3 Michael P. Hallahan, HC-2, 1958 – 59
    To the man who taught us to stand tall be proud and love our country. A loving husband, father, grandfather.
  • Paul E. Haller, AE2, USN 1966-70 
    He loved his country, years of service, family & God.  In loving tribute, your children, grandchildren & sis.
  • Melvin L. Hardin, MM2, USN 1958-61 
    It was a heck of a ride. I have fond memories. I wouldn't take anything for the experience.
  • SSgt W. James Harkins, US Army Air Corps 1942-47
    In memory of your positive attitude, work ethic, sense of humor and dedication.
  • Capt. Cecil E. Harris, USN 1941-67
    Intrepid aviator – Air Group 18 – 24 victories
    Second highest scoring ace in US Navy.
  • AN Harry Heist, USN 1955-1957
    Attached to Squadron VF-71 aboard Intrepid (1957).
    Dedicated in honor of your service to our country.
  • AIR3 Frederick J. Hemmerich, Jr., V2 AG 1961-1964
    We honor and salute you. We all love & admire the man you are. Love your family.
  • 1st Lt. Robert M. Kelly, USMC 2003-2010
    KIA 11/9/2010
    In honor of your steady leadership while bravely leading Marines in combat.

  • J.L. Hendren, LCDR, USNR – LEGAL OFFICER 1966
    Our deepest appreciation and love - Janet, Jason & Janell
  • S1C John M. Henry, Sr., USN, 1943-46 
    Many thanks for a job well done! Ron, John, Eileen, Mike, Kate, Chris, Lindsey, Mike  
  • LT Len Hittner, USNR Intrepid '58 USS FDR '58 '59 
    So proud to have served in the United States Navy! With love from Ann, Mike, Rick and Leigh
  • AMM 1C Warren Roy Hollier, Plankowner, USN 1942-48 
    In loving memory of a gentle man who served his country, his family & his God. From his family.
  • Airman Fletcher LeRoy Houck, Jr., US Army Air Corps 1944-45
    Your family and your country are so proud of you.  We honor your World War II service of 22 missions on the B-17 flying fortress.
  • Joel S. Howson, RM3, USS Intrepid, USN, 1970-74
    Thank you for your service, we are proud of you.  We love you. Linda and Sheena & Barry & families.
  • Stanley Eugene Hubbard, U.S. Army Calvary, WWI  
    Aviation pioneer Hubbard Field - Louisville, Kentucky - 1921
  • Jack Carl Hurff, MM2, USN 1957-1960
    In loving tribute to your dedication to family and country. Love, your “bride”, children and family.
  • PO3 Robert Jelardi, USN 1958-1961
    Daddy, we are incredibly proud and blessed to have you as our father! We love you!
  • RM3c Harold A. Jochmann, USNR 1942 – 1945
    USS Intrepid plankowner - Harold cherished this beloved ship. We honor & salute your service to God & country.
  • CDR Thomas E. Kearney, USN 1959-94 
    Please say a prayer for all who serve and for all who made the extreme sacrifice.
  • Gen. John Kelly, USMC 1970-2016
    On behalf of all Marines still in harm’s way.
  • QM3 Laurence J. Kubat, USNR, 1959
    To my children, grandchildren & great grandchildren who may someday walk these decks in my memory.
  • Robert Kwong, Seaman 1st Class, USN 18 months 
    Appreciated the chance to serve.
  • Colonel Christopher A. Landro, USMC (R) 
    In honor of Colonel Christopher A. Landro USMC (R)
  • SGT Alfred D. La Neve, US Army Signal Corps, 1942-45
    We think of you every day and love you always! Forever, the La Neve family.

  • Roy Latall, AMM 2/C, Plankowner, USN 1943-45 
    Forever loyal to family, country and ship. We love you. Vi, Kathie, Bob, Michael & John
  • Theodore "Ted" Lavoot, AT1, USN 1955-59 
    HU2 Fleet Angel air crew member with love Terri, Howard and Penni
  • PO2 Chester L. Laws, USN (Ret) 1940-1960
    Your family praises & honors your loyal service America & Intrepid - I gave my best for you.
  • A02 James F. Leiby, HS-11, USN 1968-72 
    Thanks for sharing this journey with me with pride & love, your wife (Grub) Jer. 2911
  • Airman Joseph Letts, Sr., USN 1955-57 
    V-6 aviation metal shop April 17, 1957 - Airman of the month.
  • LT W.B. "Lefty" Lewis, USS Intrepid 1958-59, USNR 1956-66 
    To the best pilot we know - 72 landings on Intrepid and many more after that!   
  • LCDR Thomas R. Lippert, SC, USN 1972-1995
    He Served Aboard with Honor, Courage & Commitment.
  • Alfred Litke, RM3, USS Intrepid, USN 1966-68 
    Faithful to God, country, family. Thanks for having been in our lives. Love, Judy & Lori
  • Rudolph Loizzi, SN, USN 1955-58 
    Served as Capt. USMM rapid deployment forces 1960 to 1996 - Vietnam & Desert Storm - in God we trust.
  • Lt. William R. Loomis, USN, Air Group Six 1944 
    Honoring 31 years of naval service William R. Loomis, Jr.
  • CDR Julie Poarch Macholz, USN 1984-2001
    Skyhawks VC-5, Instructor VT-22, Skytrains and Hercules VR-55
  • CPT Daniel F. Maher, West Point '05, USA '05 -'15

  • CPhM(AA), Raymond L. Maness, USN, 1940-1945
    USS Intrepid plank owner, combat action, WWII, forever remembered with gratitude.
  • LCDR Brian D. Marshall, USN 1971 – 1973
    Education Dedication Service
    Mission accomplished
  • ENS Karl B. Matthews, USNR A1, VT-14 1943-45
    For your service to country & devotion to family. All our love - Bruce, Beth, & Amy
  • Commander John Mc Alick, USN 1948-73 
    Until we meet again. Love, Jean
  • "Fast Freddie" McCann, AV3, V-6 Div, USN 1944-46 
    WWII Vet - Intrepid Ass'n Chapter Rep - Ill & Ind Fred's service is commemorated by his family.
  • Petty Officer Third Class Walter P. McGinn, USN 1952-56
  • Lt. Col. Horace "Mike" Michelson, USA 
    In memory of your service to this country. Kathy and Dean O'Hare
  • LCPL Eugene C. Mills III, USMC 2008 - 2012
    Operation Enduring Freedom
    Killed in Action - 22 June 2012
    Sangin Valley, Helmand Province, Afg.

  • Richard L. Mills, AN, USN 1959-62
    Port side elevator operator, 9/60- 5/62 Proud to have served aboard the USS Intrepid.
  • Leland H. Miller, Mus 3/c, USNR 1943-46 
    U.S.S. Intrepid original crewmember Columbus, Texas.
  • Captain Robert J. Morgan, USN, 1938-1969
    Thank you for serving during WWII and for captaining this amazing beauty, Intrepid.
  • George W. Morrison, AN, USN 1951-1955
    A strong, loving and respected man deeply devoted to God, family and country.
  • EM2 Howard A. Morrison, USN 1942-1945
    Plankowner - USS Intrepid - devoted to God, country & family. Your spirit inspires forever. We love you.
  • AMM2C Thomas F. Morrissey, USN 1942-46 
    Thank you for your sacrifice to your family & country 1924-2012. Rest in peace anchors aweigh.  
  • LCDR Ronald R. Mortali, Sr., USN (Ret.) 1952-77
    Your soaring dedication and devotion shine brightly on all of us. We love, honor, and salute you.
  • MIDN Scott H. Mortimer, USN 1971 
    To a proud sailor for his 60th birthday! Love Maryjane, Gregory, Christopher & Michael  
  • LTJG Joseph D Murphy, Plankowner, USNR 1943-46  
    To honor you on your 90th birthday, with love, your children, grandchildren & great grandchildren.   
  • CDR James C. Murray, USN 1955-77 
    With love and appreciation the Murray family.
  • ADM Robert J. Natter, Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet 
    Thank you for being a great sailor, Vietnam vet & admiral - Mel and Barbara Immergut
  • Antonio Nibbs, PO3, USN 1961-66 
    VAW-33 Nighthawks, anti-submarine squadron "Search for them, Locate them, Destroy them".
  • 1st. Lt. Anthony J. Nickert, USA 1954-56 
    I honor & salute you, "Jack," for your service to our country. Your "bride" of 50 years, with love, Joan
  • AMM2c Felix A. Novelli, USN 1945
    We are forever indebted to you for our freedom – your loving family.
  • AOM1c Ralph Nurse USN 1941-1945
    In proud memory of my dad and his fellow crewmembers who served their country onboard Intrepid.
  • PFC Joseph P. Oreiro, USMC 1954-58
    Love, forever & always, Florence, Gregory and Eso
  • LTJG Frank J. Osinski, USN 
    Tour of duty on USS Intrepid June 1965 - May 1967.
  • Lt. Todd Owens, US Navy, 5 years 
    In honor of your service to this country, William Owens
  • Sgt. Maxwell L. Page, USMC 1929-33 USMCR 1942-46 
    Thank you for your service! From your country, your sons & the generations that follow. Semper Fi.   
  • MM3 Robert (Speed) Parker, USN, 1944-45
    Proud to have served aboard the USS Intrepid Diamond Lake, Illinois
  • Petty Officer 2/C William P. Pastyrnak, USN 1942-45
    Your life is witness to your love for God, family and country. You are forever our hero—Bill Mike Gloria Al.
  • Robert F. Patton, Gunner's Mate 3rd, USN 1943-45 
    Went to war at 17, Plank Owner USS Intrepid served his country, loved his family, kept the faith.
  • Joseph Pavlov, Jr., Aviation Metalsmith 3/c, USNR 1945 
    Our dad-- Joseph III, John, Catherine, George, Jennifer, Helen - proud of him.
  • LCDR John A. Pedisich, Jr., USN 1961-70
    Attack Squadron 34 Vietnam 1967 Intrepid & Air Wing team none better.
  • CDR William H. Poarch, USN, (Ret.) 1958 - 1982
    Served aboard USS Intrepid CVS-11 as Communications Officer, O.O.D. underway, and C.O.D. pilot 1970-1972
  • YN3 Darryl Ponicsan, USN 1962-65
    Aboard the Intrepid I began the "Last Detail".
  • Corporal James Principi, USMC 1943-45 
    Your devotion & duty to country & family has inspired us all. Ann, Jim, Mick, Terry, Tom, Paul, Steve, Mark & John   
  • Honoring all Sears’ who served.
    Art Sr, WWII POW – John, Cuban MC – Leo, Desert Storm
    Art Jr, CVS-11 63-68 – Joe, Vietnam – Rick, USNR

  • HM1 Edward Young Reid II, USN 8/5/58 - 8/5/68
    Very proud to have served on board the “Fighting I” and shared in her history. Vietnam Tonkin Gulf 67
  • Peter W. Reiter, AQF3, USN 1961-1962 (VA66) 
    Intrepid initiated a 30 year career! 1960-1990 MCPO retired
  • Walter L. Ress, USMC World War II 
    USS Texas, D-Day 1944, Iwo Jima 1945. Your Intrepid colleagues honor your service.
  • David W. Ribar, FT2, USN 1953-56 
    Proud sailor, devoted husband and loving father who continues to inspire.
  • Capt. Antonio Rivera Jr., USMC 1965-1969
    Devoted to God, Family, Veterans & Country.
    You will be missed. Forever you will be in our hearts.

  • LT Seth Rosner, USNR 1956-1959 
    Intrepid, my ship; her crew, my mates all honor to those who gave their lives.
  • John F. Rossano, Fireman, USN 1952-55 
    Fire room #2 1954-1955
  • Donald J. Rothgery, YN3, USS Intrepid, USN 1957-59 
  • HM2 Rodney Rothwell, Sr., USN 1968-1971
    Love, Pat, Rodney, Christine, Sam, Jayden, Mason & Lily
  • Thomas R. Rushton, 3/c Petty Officer, USN 1963-67 
    Thank you for your service to our country.  Love, Kim, Marvin, Tommie, Scottie, Mason, Makenzie & Myles
  • Daryl J. Saldausky, E5, USN 1960-64 
    Thank you for keeping your family & country free & safe.  We love you – Pat & Bobbi
  • Corporal David J. Saliba, USMC 1943-46 
    USS Intrepid August 10, 1943 to July 21, 1944 Iwo Jima February 19 to March 16, 1945  
  • Seaman SN Charles Schneider, USN 1945-1949
    Your love of family & country inspires us still Jodi, Steph, Mary, Steve, Julie, Terri & Linda
  • Capt. Stanley P. Schwartz, USNR (Ret) 1955 
    Check out forward bunk room 1955 Med cruise.
  • Capt. Rolland K. "Rollie" Shea, USN 
    In support of the Intrepid Museum's mission to Honor, Educate & Inspire.
  • Robert F. Sicknick, USS Intrepid, USN 1952-1961  
    We love you Dad. Your sons Robert, William, George, Dan and their families  
  • LTJG Robert J. Soltysiak, USN 1969 
    Thank you for serving our country, Dad. We are so proud to be your daughters. We love you, Tansy & Lacey
  • ADM James G. Stavridis, Supreme Allied Commander, Europe
    Thank you for being a great sailor, statesman & admiral - Mel and Barbara Immergut
  • Allen Stevens, AS1, USN, 20 Years 
    Served on board in Vietnam Tonkin Gulf.
  • LTJG Bernard “Ben” St. John, USNR 1942-45
    WWII Intrepid aviator, torpedo squadron 18 (VT-18) in honor of your courage, valor and sacrifice.
  • Raymond T. Stone, Radarman 2/C, USN 1943-1945 
    Our Dad - a Plankowner & a patriot who loved his country & the Intrepid, his ship!
  • ABHAN Robert G. Straight, USN, 1962-1966
    Thank you for serving and protecting us and your country! We love you! Dedicated from your family and future generations.
  • Major Jacob Stub, USMC 1941-52 
    WWII Distinguished Flying Cross winner.
  • CMDR William Frederick Thompson, USN, 1941-67
    Distinguished Flying Cross, Korea “A True Patriot”
  • AT3 Robert E. Tocalino U.S. Navy 1952-1956
    Celebrating your 80th & the best days of your life Happy Birthday with love Brad, Trisa, Rylie & Macey  
  • VADM Richard H. Truly USN 1959-89 
    Bless this ship. For me, it all started here.
  • LT John A. Vuyosevich, USN 6/67-1/73
    Proud to be a part of our family's Navy tradition and proud to have served on the USS Intrepid 6/69-4/71.
  • John N. Vuyosevich, Cockswain, USS YMS-30
    Uncle John, we will love and remember you forever. Died Anzio 1/25/44.
  • Capt. Gerald Walpin, USAF 1957 - 60 
    A lifetime of love and service to his country Sheila, Amanda, Ned & Jenny
  • Thomas A. Wargo, USN 1961-1963, SH/SN
    Proud to have served aboard the USS Intrepid.
    Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) / Recovery of Scott Carpenter (1962)

  • Norman L. Weckter, PhoM 1/c, USN 1944-46 
    I wouldn't take a million dollars for the experience.
  • Capt. C. S. Williams, Jr., C.O. CVS-11 Apr. '71 - Dec. '72
    In memoriam: "The world's best commanding officer!"  Given by: CDR William H. Poarch, USN, (Ret.)
  • ADJ2 Ronald Wishman, USN 1966-68
    Your devotion & duty to country & family inspires me.  I love you - Judith
  • John F. Wisted, SN, USN 1956-58 
    Remember our fallen heroes.
  • CPO Wesley E. Wittich, USS Ludlow, USN 1937-57  
    Thank you for our lives, our freedom and your love. Your 10 proud children and their growing families.
  • Paul G. Zimmermann RM3, CV-11, USN 1944-46 
    He dedicated his life to country, family and community. Love, your Lou, Anne, Jean, Paul, Ruth & grandchildren
  • VA-176 Thunderbolts 1966-1967 
    In honor of all the VA-176 pilots and squadron members who proudly served our country.  
  • Attack Squadron 34 “Blue Blasters” Vietnam 1967
    Honoring the dedicated men of VA-34 and its pilots who flew in harm’s way over North Vietnam.

  • ALL of Intrepid's Crew Members - 1943 to 1974
    The USS Intrepid Association is proud to honor all who served on Intrepid during 31 years of active duty.