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Space Shuttle Pavilion

About Space Shuttle Pavilion (re-opening Spring 2013)

Within the Intrepid Museum’s Space Shuttle Pavilion, Enterprise sits just 10 feet off the ground, allowing visitors to walk directly underneath this historic artifact, while an elevated viewing platform allows guests to gain even greater perspective. Striking images, descriptive texts, dramatic lighting, and immersive video experiences reveal the space shuttle orbiter as both experimental space plane and space ship, and a vehicle that enables a greater understanding of science and technology.

The Space Shuttle Pavilion has been engineered to express the shuttle program’s stories of human triumph and technological feats. Enterprise was NASA’s very first space shuttle and the inspiration and prototype for the shuttles that followed.

Space Shuttle Enterprise would never have soared without the people who made this great aerospace creation a reality. The Pavilion emphasizes the story of the Enterprise as the 1976 prototype space shuttle orbiter and illuminates its relationship to NASA’s historic role in experimental aircraft throughout the twentieth century, along with NASA and commercial plans for future space missions.

Intrepid Museum is proud to be one of the few places in the world to provide the opportunity for visitors to get an up close view of a space shuttle.

As you near the exit of the pavilion, please look for our Project Enterprise wall where you can learn about the future permanent home of Enterprise. This interactive wall showcases those who have Sponsored a Star and supported our future plans for Enterprise, providing the opportunity for Intrepid Museum to build a thriving center for science, technology, engineering and math education programs designed to inspire future scientists, engineers and researchers.

To learn more about Enterprise's history, visit NASA.

Time Warner Cable, through its Connect A Million Minds initiative, sponsors the Space Shuttle Pavilion.
TV’s in the Space Shuttle Pavilion are generously provided by Samsung Smart TV.

Admission to the Space Shuttle Pavilion requires an additional fee.

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