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Space Shuttle Pavilion

The Space Shuttle Pavilion showcases the space shuttle Enterprise, the prototype NASA orbiter that paved the way for the space shuttle program. Seventeen dynamic exhibit zones feature original artifacts, photographs, audio, and films that immerse visitors in the science and history of Enterprise and the space shuttle era.

Visitors enter the Pavilion through a soundscape featuring actual conversations between mission control and Enterprise pilots during flight tests. The Soyuz TMA-6 space capsule, newly installed in the Pavilion, invites comparison between these two spacecraft. Exhibit displays explore the space shuttle design and highlight the talent behind the shuttle program. These and other experiences orbit around the exhibition centerpiece: the space shuttle Enterprise. Visitors can walk directly underneath the orbiter and visit an elevated platform for a dramatic view. Tour guide talks and educational presentations further enhance the stories presented in the Pavilion.

As you near the Pavilion exit, you will see the acknowledgement exhibit of Project Enterprise Supporters and have the opportunity to become an enduring part of Enterprise’s future by Sponsoring a Star. Your support will contribute to our efforts to exhibit Enterprise and build a thriving center for science, technology, engineering and math education programs designed to inspire future scientists, engineers and researchers.

A temporary exhibition, HUBBLE@25, is now open in the Space Shuttle Pavilion, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope. It showcases the history of this project and reveals its unparalleled scientific achievements through original artifacts, stellar photographs, Hubble-produced images and immersive environments. The exhibition is co-curated by Eric Boehm, Curator of Aviation, and Michael J. Massimino, former NASA astronaut and Senior Advisor, Space Programs at the Intrepid Museum. HUBBLE@25 is now open through January 10, 2016.

In 2012, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum successfully transported space shuttle Enterprise to its new home in a series of carefully orchestrated movements. The journey started in April when Enterprise was flown from Washington, DC to JFK atop a specially outfitted 747. Next up, the orbiter was carefully craned onto a barge for a multi-day trip from JFK to NJ and then up the Hudson River – passing the Statue of Liberty and the Freedom Tower – to the Intrepid Museum. On July 19th, the Space Shuttle Pavilion, featuring Enterprise, opened to the public with much fanfare during SpaceFest - a five day public event featuring astronaut appearances, NASA displays, a concert and special movie screening. Unfortunately, when Hurricane Sandy struck the area on October 29, 2012, the Space Shuttle Pavilion was damaged, but reopened in July 2013.

To learn more about Enterprise's history, visit NASA.


Latest News
HUBBLE@25 Opens October 23!
(Thursday, October 23, 2014) The Intrepid Museum’s new temporary exhibition, HUBBLE@25, will open Thursday, October 23, in the Space Shuttle Pavilion.

Photo Gallery

Landing Page Gallery

Landing Page Gallery
  • Space Shuttle Enterprise sails past the Statue of Liberty

    Photo Credit: Mark Greenberg
  • En route to Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

    Photo Credit: Mark Greenberg
  • Two American icons

    Photo Credit: NASA
  • Space Shuttle Enterprise heads north, passing the Freedom Tower

    Photo Credit: NASA
  • An aerial view of Enterprise and the Freedom Tower

    Photo Credit: Mark Greenberg
  • Space Shuttle Enterprise and accompanying private watercraft make their way to Intrepid Museum

    Photo Credit: Mark Greenberg
  • Enterprise conquers the Hudson River

    Photo Credit: NASA
  • Enterprise is lifted by crane from water level on to the Intrepid Museum’s flight deck

    Photo Credit: Luke Sacks
  • Space Shuttle Enterprise hovers just above Intrepid Museum’s flight deck

    Photo Credit: Julie Starr
  • Space Shuttle Enterprise lands safely on the flight deck. Concorde G-BOAD is on Pier 86, to the right

    Photo Credit: Mark Greenberg
  • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum Complex with its newest addition, space shuttle Enterprise

    Photo Credit: Mark Greenberg
  • Intrepid Welcomes Space Shuttle Enterprise

    Photo Credit: Mark Greenberg
  • Intrepid’s Susan Marenoff-Zausner and NASA’s Charles Bolden cut the ribbon to officially open the Space Shuttle Pavilion

  • Enterprise in her new home in the Space Shuttle Pavilion

    Photo Credit: NASA

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