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The homecoming will feature a special ceremony marking the 80th anniversary of Intrepid’s commissioning on Wednesday, August 16, honoring former crew members from all eras of the carrier’s service, who will reunite and share stories of their tours of duty. The Museum will offer a special former crew member dinner event that evening and guided tours of the ship. For some former crew members, this will be the first time they have been aboard their beloved ship since the completion of their service.  While the Museum recognizes the ship’s commissioning anniversary every year, the 80th celebration promises to be the largest gathering of former crew members since the 75th anniversary in 2018.

Intrepid’s 80th Commissioning Anniversary Celebration is open to the public, and will feature events specifically tailored for former crew members and their families, as well as opportunities for members of the public to interact with our visiting former crew members.




Anniversary Ceremony

Wednesday, August 16 | 11:00AM ET
Public event

The Museum is hosting a special ceremony honoring former crew members from all eras of the carrier’s service, who will reunite and share stories of their tours of duty. Watch the ceremony in-person at Hangar 3 or stream it live on our YouTube and Facebook channel.

Nearly 200 former Intrepid crew members will be at the Museum with their families and you'll have a chance to interact with them throughout the day. Check out the cruise book tables in the hangar deck to hear their stories and if you see them walking around, be sure to say hello and thank them for their service!

Former Crew
Member Dinner
Wednesday, August 16 | 6:00PM ET
*Private event for former crew members and their families.

To learn more about this commemoration and for registration
information, former crew members and their family members can visit or email

Behind the Scenes Live: 80th anniversary edition Go behind the scenes and virtually tour some of the unique spaces within the Intrepid Museum. Join us as we celebrate the 80th anniversary of the USS Intrepid’s commissioning and take viewers on an exclusive journey.
Dates include: March 30, August 24, November 9


Message from the Museum President

Intrepid Museum Co-Chairman Ken Fisher

Eighty years ago, on August 16, 1943, the engineering marvel USS Intrepid was commissioned. This summer, its former crew members will return to the ship to swap stories, honor fallen comrades and celebrate Intrepid’s 80 years of service to our country, both as an active ship and as a Museum. Many Former Crew Members, joined by their families, will be coming back to Intrepid for the first time since they served, reuniting with shipmates they haven’t seen in decades.

The ship, their ship, then defended our nation, now continues to serve as the centerpiece of the Intrepid Museum. We preserve the ship’s history with reverence, pride and purpose, using the lessons of the past to shape a brighter future. Guided by core values of integrity, innovation, and inclusivity, the Museum’s exhibits and programs are designed to provide a meaningful visitor experience for all. The Museum delivers nationally-recognized accessible programming to audiences near and far with an emphasis on underserved communities, individuals with physical, cognitive, and sensory disabilities, including autism and dementia, and our veterans. Through its after-school, professional development, and STEM programs, the Museum educates and impacts more than 100,000 students each year.

The service, ingenuity and bravery of all who served on Intrepid’s decks are our guiding light as we strive to fulfill our new mission on behalf of tomorrow’s leaders, innovators and explorers. They define Intrepid, then and now. They infuse this behemoth of steel, this hallowed ground, with humanity.

This celebration is about them—the 50,000 men of Intrepid. We honor them. We salute them. We thank them.



Honor Wall

At the heart of the Intrepid Museum, our Honor Wall celebrates heroes and memorializes their service to country and community through a physical dedication. Consider making your gift before July 16 so that you may see your plaque on the Honor Wall in time for the 80th Commissioning Anniversary celebrations.

Custom tributes are available at these three levels:
TRIBUTE LEVEL 1: $1,000 Honoree’s name will be displayed, along with any rank or title information, their branch or industry, and dates of service, if applicable.
TRIBUTE LEVEL 2: $2,500 Honoree will be recognized at Tribute Level 1, and also include a personalized tribute message with a maximum length of 150 characters (including spaces), and one replica of the plaque.
TRIBUTE LEVEL 3: $5,000 Honoree will be recognized at Tribute Level 1, and also include a personalized tribute message with a maximum length of 300 characters (including spaces), and two replicas of the plaque.
Consider making your gift




What is the schedule of events for the 80th Anniversary?


Wednesday, August 16
11:00AM : 80th Commissioning Anniversary Ceremony
Hangar Deck
*Open to all

6:00PM : 80th Commissioning Anniversary Dinner
Flight Deck
*Private event for former crew members and their families.

Please RSVP to the ceremony and dinner here.

Additional activities:

  • There will be an Activity Table where Former Crew Members can view Cruise Books from their time on board as well as a copy of Intrepid’s plans to show their families and loved ones where they lived and worked on the ship.
  • You can also meet members of our Collections team to learn about donating objects to the Museum.
  • Other events, such as guided tours of the Museum, will be held on the days surrounding the commissioning but are dependent on pre-registration and staff availability.
  • More information and a confirmed schedule of activities will be coming soon.


How much does it cost to attend the 80th Anniversary Celebration?

The 80th celebration events are FREE for Former Crew Members and their families. All Former Crew Members and Crew Member families that register will receive a special credential when they check in at the Museum that will serve as their ticket for the length of their stay.

Are there any hotel accommodations provided by the Museum?


Unfortunately, the Museum does not have an agreement with a specific hotel to provide accommodations for the 80th Anniversary. However, there are a number of hotels in close proximity to the Museum.

Will the museum have wheelchairs available?

Due to liability issues, the museum does not have wheelchairs available. We recommend renting wheelchairs, scooters, etc. from our partner, Big Apple Mobility. They will be able to deliver your order to your hotel and/or accommodations while in town. Don’t forget to mention you are an Intrepid former crew member to receive a discount on your order!

Big Apple Mobility
Phone: (212) 662-4548
Address: 241 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018

The 80th Commissioning Anniversary will be a great way to reconnect with fellow shipmates, reflect on your memories of your time aboard Intrepid, and share your ship with your family on a day dedicated to your service. If you would like to connect with your fellow crew members, feel free to contact the Former Crew Member Association here: The Association is organizing additional activities for former crew members and their guests.

Enjoy photos from the 75th commissioning celebration






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