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Cool Tips for the Cool Guy in Your Life
Behind the Scenes with Intrepid Museum’s Special Events
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Welcome to the After Party by the Intrepid Museum’s Special Events Team. Here we’ll give you a look behind the velvet ropes at one of the most exceptional venues in New York, and we’ll tell you what’s catching our eye in the industry and beyond. Just like our events, each of us has a unique style. We’ll be giving you the good, the bad and the outrageously inspiring from our life aboard the ship. Join us for the After Party!
Posted: 6/12/2015 2:08:24 PM

By Cherisse Challenger


With Father’s Day right around the corner, I thought I’d give you a few tips on planning a wonderful day for the special guy in your life. Occasions like these can sometimes leave us stumped. Do we give him another pair of socks and boxers or a light-up tie that says #1 Dad?  Sounds perfectly fine to me, but some may frown upon these gifts, to say the least...

Here are some cool ideas for how to make Father’s Day special:

  1. If he’s the intellectual type, why not go to a museum? Let him show you around and tell you what he knows about the art and artifacts. Nod your head throughout the tour and say something appreciative: “Whoa, who knew you knew all the things you know, dude!” (That works for me, but feel free to edit it to best fit your needs.)
  2. If he’s a film buff, take him to see a movie and share a big tub o’ popcorn! After the film is over, take a walk and talk about your favorite parts of the film.
  3. If he’s the adventurous type, why not go on a few cool rides with him? Don’t be afraid to put your hands up in the air during the drops and be in the moment. That’s what makes for great memories! 
  4. Pretend to be tourists in your own town. Go to all the attractions and places you enjoy or have never gotten around to visiting. Take a picture at each spot. Then create a slideshow of your best Father’s Day ever!

Of course, I would be remiss not to mention that you could do all these things and more at the Intrepid Museum! See the artifacts, check out our film Story of Intrepid in the Allison & Howard Lutnick Theater, take a ride in our flight simulators, and snap a few pictures of the city skyline and river views from the flight deck. You’ll be glad you came, and so will he!