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The Dignity Memorial® Vietnam Wall will allow Intrepid’s Educators a unique opportunity to integrate additional learning about the Vietnam War and its heroes into programs for students:

Power of One

Leadership – Students of New York City public schools will be invited to the Intrepid Museum to partake in our leadership program Power of One. Power of One is Intrepid’s free eminent speaker series in which prominent members of the NYC community and beyond speak to New York City students who are overcoming their own struggles to inspire them to achieve success. By hearing directly from people who experienced challenges and have since risen to success, we hope students will be encouraged to make solid choices of their own and live by the values of respect and responsibility. (60 minute presentations to over 200 students – advanced reservations required).

For more information or reservations, email or call 646-381-5163.

  • November 10th, 2011: Brigadier General Dan Cherry: A Vietnam veteran pilot and author of “My enemy my friend” a personal account of the friendship formed with the Vietnamese pilot General Cherry shot down over Vietnam.

  • November 17th, 2011: Brigadier General Steve Ritchie-A Vietnam veteran pilot and the United States last fighter ace, Mr. Ritchie will share his stories or heroism and unflinching courage under fire

Scouts Image

Scouts – Scout Days are scheduled throughout the year for both Boy and Girl Scout groups. We have several activities lined up for our November 19th Scout Day to supplement the special traveling exhibition, The Dignity Memorial® Vietnam Wall. Several of these activities are aligned with requirements for Scouting badges, pins and loops. The activities are designed for a wide range of scouts including Brownies, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts (Junior, Cadette and Senior) and Boy Scouts.

  • November 19th, 2011 Activities include:

    • Making stone rubbings of the memorial and using American symbols to decorate their rubbing

    • Designing a stamp to honor Veterans

    • Creating a personal scrapbook for keeping personal/family memories or to organize personal/family photographs

    • Designing a memorial to honor veterans

    • Interviewing veterans or active military personnel, both male and female representatives (pre-visit preparation materials will be available to prepare scouts for interviews)

Family guides will also be available to assist parents in speaking to their children about the memorial; its design, style and message. For information or reservations, click here.