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Community Engagement Programs

The Museum provides in-person and virtual interactive STEM programs for the Brooklyn Public Library, Queens Public Library and New York Public Library branch locations. Community engagement programs are designed for all ages and can be adjusted for the specific needs of each location.

Program Options:

High-Flying Design | (Ages 8-18)

Students will discuss the parts of a plane and how nature influences shape and design. Educators will demonstrate the four forces of flight and students will experiment with these concepts before creating their own simple flying machines. Fundamental concepts such as the four forces of flight, Bernoulli's principle and aerodynamics will be discussed.

Journey to Space | (Ages 8-18)

Students will get a tour of the Space Shuttle Pavilion, home of the space shuttle Enterprise. An educator will discuss the Mercury-Atlas 7 and Gemini III missions that occurred during the Space Race, including Intrepid's role as the primary recovery vessel for both NASA missions. Students will learn about the vacuum of space and why astronauts need spacecraft and spacesuits when they venture into Earth’s orbit and beyond.

Star Stories | (Ages 5-15)

For millennia, people have gazed at the night sky and told themselves stories about the pictures they see there. These same stars and constellations also allowed sailors to find their way back to port. Using images of the night sky, stories from different cultures and examples of simple navigation tools, an Intrepid Museum educator will help participants view the sky in a whole new way.

Star Stories activity materials: Blank piece of paper, coloring tools such as crayons or colored pencils.

Codebreakers! | (Ages 5-15)

Students will learn about Naval communication by examining artifacts from Intrepid in its time of service. Testing their wits, students will have the opportunity to take a stab at decoding, and will learn to construct their own coded messages!

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For more information and to register, please contact

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