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Sailors release a hook on the anchor chain, post-1965. (Collection of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. P00.2013.01.322)


Tall, castle-like structures once rose above the bows of old sailing ships. Archers perched atop this “forecastle,” shortened to fo’c’sle. Sailors often slept within the fo’c’sle’s fortified walls. Wooden warships are long gone, but the name fo’c’sle still describes a forward deck on modern vessels.

As on older ships, part of Intrepid’s fo’c’sle housed members of the crew. Forward, massive anchor chains stretched across the deck. Sailors used the equipment in this anchor chain and line handling space to raise and lower Intrepid’s anchors.

Watch Intrepid former crew members as they describe working in the fo’c’sle.


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