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Kids Week 2011
Intrepid Teens Blog
Posted: 1/14/2011 5:35:03 PM

By Michael Hallahan
Intrepid Former Crew Members Association

Kids Week, which takes place February 19-27 this year, is always a great time at Intrepid!
The Former Crew Members love seeing all the children enjoying the Museum and experiencing all the great things it has to offer. Because the children are what it is all about! They are the future and this is their week aboard the ship.
It’s also great to see the kids learning about the history of the Intrepid and all the sacrifices the men who served aboard her had to make on a daily basis. When the ship was in service, we didn’t get to have children aboard so it’s nice to see all the smiling faces and youngsters scampering around the Museum during the week.
It’s also important that the parents and kids take the time to learn the history and look at the artifacts and aircraft in addition to all the fun things here. Of course the Exploreum is wonderful and we love to see kids back there climbing the into the space capsule, rocking in the life boat or jumping into the Bell Helicopter. But we also love to see the kids watching the films and looking at the Cruise Books and learning the history of the ship and a little bit about the men and women who served about the Intrepid.
In fact my name is actually on an aircraft in the Hangar Deck. It’s the Piasecki HUP/UH-25 Retriever and it’s got my name right there on the side. I am proud to have my name there and hope people enjoy looking at all the aircraft.
We hope to see you here at Intrepid during Kids Week! If you see a Former Crew Member, go up to him and ask him a question about what he used to do on the ship! We are always happy to share our stories with visitors to the Museum.