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Hurricane Irene
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Posted: 9/7/2011 11:13:45 AM

Mike Hallahan
Former Crew Members Association

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, along with just about everything else in the NYC area, was forced to close for two days due to Hurricane Irene. With some incredible work from the Museum’s SVP of Facilities Matt Woods and his amazing staff, who actually slept aboard the ship during the storm, Intrepid stood strong once again and was back open for business on Monday afternoon, ready to welcome guests.
This certainly wasn’t the first time that weather altered plans for Intrepid. She endured a number of typhoons during her service in the Pacific, both during World War II and during the Vietnam War.
I was not on board at the time but In early October 1944, a typhoon struck the naval base on Ulithi in the Caroline Islands.  According to diaries and research by Intrepid Curators, Intrepid had been scheduled for provisioning, but she had to leave the lagoon to ride out the storm at sea. Observed one Intrepid crew member in his diary, “Left [Ulithi] very early this morning as it looks like the ships might tear loose their anchorages.  It’s another typhoon even worse than the last.  Waves are breaking over the flt deck and I believe it’s the worst I’ve seen yet out here.”  Said an Intrepid pilot of the same storm, “Had to leave Ulithi – one helleva hurricane blowing.  Exactly 52 knots of wind.  Practically seasick all day – worse than ever tonite.”