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  • The Intrepid Museum can now help Scouts work towards the completion of a badge with one of our badge advancement mentors!
    All scout participants will receive a free Intrepid Fun patch.

    Scouts Badges


    Girl Scouts


    Sign Signals and Codes

    Citizenship in the Nation

    First Aid


    First Aid – Brownie, Cadet, Junior, Senior

    Robotics – Brownie, Junior, Cadet, Ambassador


    A minimum of 20 participants per group is required. To reserve your group, please email or call 646-381-5010 and a representative will be in touch with you right away. A $15.00 per person registration fee applies.


Eight ways the Intrepid Museum is unique for Scouts and Girl Scout Advancement.

Essex-class aircraft carrier Intrepid

Learn the story of Intrepid and how this feat of engineering helped us win World War II.

Growler, the only existing Grayback-class submarine

Step inside Growler and discover the science, history and technology of the only American guided missile submarine open to the public.

The record-breaking Concorde

Marvel at the engineering of the world’s fastest jets, including the top-secret A-12 spy plane and the Concorde, which flew from NYC to London in less than three hours.

Space shuttle Enterprise

Traverse the timeline of space exploration, and learn about the triumphs of technology from Project Mercury to today.

Former crew members and volunteers

Amplify your learning by hearing from former crew members and volunteers, who will share their expertise as first responders, rocket scientists and more. 

Engage with history and technology

Fly a plane in our simulators, ride an aircraft elevator, see rare historical footage, and reach for the stars in our planetarium.

Curators, experts and guides

Become a member of our community by meeting with our curators, guides and experts, including Mike Massimino, former NASA astronaut and engineer.

Aircraft Restoration Hangar

Experience the science and technology of aircraft restoration, and hear from the experts that preserve Intrepid and its aircraft.

Reserve your spot today. Call 646-381-5010 or email

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