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Unexpected Florals
Behind the Scenes with Intrepid Museum’s Special Events
Special Events Staff
Welcome to the After Party by the Intrepid Museum’s Special Events Team. Here we’ll give you a look behind the velvet ropes at one of the most exceptional venues in New York, and we’ll tell you what’s catching our eye in the industry and beyond. Just like our events, each of us has a unique style. We’ll be giving you the good, the bad and the outrageously inspiring from our life aboard the ship. Join us for the After Party!
Posted: 5/11/2016 3:53:51 PM

By Zak Kunish from Zak Events

Unexpected Florals

We’re hoping that spring has finally sprung in New York, and along with the warmer weather, we’re looking forward to what’s blooming on Intrepid.We’ve asked one of our perennial vendors, Zak Kunish from ZAK Events, to fill us in on the trends in spring florals as we plan ahead for these warm months. Here’s what Zak shared:  

Trend #1
: Bold, Bright Colors
In our world of event design, we are no strangers to using all types of colors and styles to convey a mood or feeling. Some corporate events choose safe, straightforward floral designs while others push the boundaries. We love to use bold, bright colors in an exquisitely designed way to give events a unique sense of purpose. The use of bright yellow, lush lavender and monochromatic lime green work quite well this time of year. Designer vessels—such as chrome vases, wooden troughs and handmade pottery—add to the excitement of these bright and boldly colored floral blooms. The result is an eye-catching design that excites guests and compliments the season.

Trend #2
: Not Just Flowers
More often than not, clients ask for new, exciting ways to add a punch to a traditional floral centerpiece, bar arrangement or entryway floral design. We continually think outside the box, and we started to incorporate other elements in our floral arrangements, such as sugared fruits, succulents, fresh pods and even vegetables. The use of these elements, combined with exciting floral blooms, adds incredible texture and style to any arrangement. Interesting fruits, including crab apples, kumquats, apricots and figs, can be joined with vibrant floral blooms to give a sense of freshness and sophistication. The use of vegetation—succulents, baby kale, aloe plants and baby artichokes—creates a feeling of organic elegance while adding a whole new dimension to an otherwise non-descript floral arrangement.