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The One Thing I Can’t Live Without
Behind the Scenes with Intrepid Museum’s Special Events
Special Events Staff
Welcome to the After Party by the Intrepid Museum’s Special Events Team. Here we’ll give you a look behind the velvet ropes at one of the most exceptional venues in New York, and we’ll tell you what’s catching our eye in the industry and beyond. Just like our events, each of us has a unique style. We’ll be giving you the good, the bad and the outrageously inspiring from our life aboard the ship. Join us for the After Party!
Posted: 3/28/2016 10:15:02 AM

The One Thing I Can’t Live Without

In the immortal words of the wise and prophetic poet LL Cool J, “I can’t live without my radio!” Stop me before I break into a funky fresh 1990s rap! Just kidding—I’m more of a Beyoncé fan.

But if there is one thing that I can’t live without when I’m producing a live event, it really would be my radio. My walkie-talkie, affectionately known as my “walkie,” is essential to making multifaceted events run smoothly. It’s the perfect way to keep everyone in control of the shifting pieces in the event puzzle.

With the press of a button, I can communicate with various departments at once. With my radio, I can be in one central location, making sure that guests are checked in smoothly, that AV has the music tested and playing and that the caterers are ready to greet arriving guests with a cocktail. I can be notified by security when VIPs enter the complex, and I can call the Museum president’s office and give her a heads up so that she can meet me by the door and welcome them. If we hit a glitch that needs immediate attention, like a clog in the restrooms or a spill in the kitchen, I can alert our operations staff. I can call up to the HVAC tech to ask him to turn down the heat because the space seems a bit warm. I can notify catering when speeches have ended so that they can serve dinner without disrupting the program. And after the event, I can call the team together to the loading tower and let them know the vendors are beginning to break down so that they can prepare to load them off the ship. 

I can be everywhere, all at the same time! And no one ever sees the effort that goes into coordinating all of these elements, because my radio makes it all look seamless. A planner who runs around the venue like a crazy person doesn’t give the impression that she has everything under control (even if she does), but a planner with a radio is an assuring, calm presence for the client, while remaining available, responsive and in constant communication with her team.

I can’t live without my radio!