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Lacing up on Intrepid
Behind the Scenes with Intrepid Museum’s Special Events
Special Events Staff
Welcome to the After Party by the Intrepid Museum’s Special Events Team. Here we’ll give you a look behind the velvet ropes at one of the most exceptional venues in New York, and we’ll tell you what’s catching our eye in the industry and beyond. Just like our events, each of us has a unique style. We’ll be giving you the good, the bad and the outrageously inspiring from our life aboard the ship. Join us for the After Party!
Posted: 2/29/2016 12:00:00 AM

It’s a timeless question: is it better to work out in the morning or the evening? With fitness more in vogue than ever, we’ve found yet another use for our flight deck—workout room extraordinaire. I can’t promise that burpees or weighted lunges will be any easier there (unless you choose to hide behind an exhibit so that your trainer doesn’t see you not doing them), but the atmosphere will most definitely increase those endorphins by the time you’re done. 

Proponents of morning workouts will tell you that studies show working out in the morning not only is a great way to become a morning person but also helps with your productivity throughout the day, boosts your metabolism, helps you sleep better and has countless other benefits. Our take: Starting your day seeing the sun rise over the Manhattan skyline can’t be all that bad.



Think you get to sleep in because it’s raining? Think again. With hangar 3 as a built-in rain plan, you don’t have to cancel your workout on Intrepid. Our take: You’ll thank us later.


Then again, not everyone appreciates a morning workout.  There is good news for evening exercisers as well. According to this article in Runner’s World, getting active in the evenings often allows you to hit your “peak performance.” That means no sleepy eyes or early alarms for you, allowing you to get going faster and arguably get in a better workout! Our take: Sunsets from the flight deck are equally stunning, and the evening breeze off the Hudson is just enough to cool you off. 


One thing the professionals agree on? A workout at any time of day is better than no workout at all. 
Our take: Lacing up those sneakers on an aircraft carrier docked on the Hudson is much better than doing it anywhere else.