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The Educators at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum host a variety of programs including workshops and tours for K-12 students, summer camp, GOALS for Girls, teacher professional development, and more. Check out videos from their programs, as well as education demonstrations that showcase what you can learn at the Intrepid Museum!

Teacher Professional Development at the Intrepid Museum Private Tours at the Intrepid Museum Intrepid Education: Yoshi's Story
Inside Intrepid Education: How Hubble Works Inside Intrepid Education: Objects in Conversation The Four Forces of Flight
Inside Intrepid Education: Gemini Story Camp Intrepid Camp GOALS for Girls
Intrepid Education: Verbal Description and Tactile Guide Inside Intrepid Education: The Anatomy of a Comet Inside Intrepid Education: Analyzing the Art of Rosie
Inside Intrepid Education: The Vacuum of Space Intrepid Education: Early Morning Access Programs CASA Program at Intrepid
Intrepid Sails to St. Hope Leadership Academy Sally Frishberg - Power of One Doctor Roscoe Brown - Intrepid Museum Power of One