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Home > August 2013 > Intrepid Celebrates the Anniversary of Submarine Growler’s Commissioning
Intrepid Celebrates the Anniversary of Submarine Growler’s Commissioning
Posted: 8/26/2013 9:05:22 AM

Growler at sea, in the early 1960s

On August 30, the submarine Growler will celebrate the 55th anniversary of its commissioning. This entire week, the Intrepid Museum will be honoring the submarine with facts and photos about Growler on its Facebook page and Twitter account.

The former USS Growler first opened at the Intrepid Museum in 1989 and is the only American diesel-powered strategic missile submarine open to the public. The Growler offers museum visitors a firsthand look at life aboard a submarine and a close-up inspection of the once "top-secret" missile command center. Access is available to the various compartments as they were used during operations.

Be sure to follow along on the Intrepid Museum’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, and check back here on Friday for more detailed information about Growler’s commissioning, on August 30, 1958. Or celebrate in your own way by visiting Growler this week on Pier 86 or purchasing an early access Guided Tour of Growler.