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Summer Counts: Space-Inspired Math
Posted: 8/18/2014 9:11:56 AM

Math Club

For the last six weeks, teens at the New York Public Library Muhlenberg Branch have been making their summers count by participating in the Intrepid Museum’s Community Engagement team’s first ever Math Club.

The program has been using the objects in the Museum’s collection, such as the A-12 Blackbird, Concorde, Avenger, Mercury and Gemini Capsules, and space shuttle Enterprise to teach students the fundamentals of aeronautics and spacecraft design.

Using lessons created by Educators and NASA’s Johnson Space Center Education team, students have been taking measurements, using algebra and geometry to perform calculations, determining scale, and drawing connections between the math they learn in school with the design of spacecraft.

For their final project, students created their very own 3D spacecraft model in Tinkercad, a design program, and then decided how they could apply what they learned this summer. During the design process, students applied their knowledge to find the area of solar panels, the volume of the fuel tanks and the scale of their spacecraft models!

Watch this video to see how their creations came to life!

The Education Department is looking forward to welcoming the participants and their families to the Intrepid Museum for an in-depth tour later this month.

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