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Home > December 2013 > Concorde Pilot Leslie Scott and the Future of Supersonic Transport
Concorde Pilot Leslie Scott and the Future of Supersonic Transport
Posted: 12/3/2013 9:39:44 AM


As part of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum's Honor.Educate.Inspire campaign, we are pleased to release the second video in the series, highlighting how we use the 7,000 artifacts and photographs in the Museum's collection to educate the public.

Hear from Concorde pilot Leslie Scott as he recalls his years flying this incredible aircraft that flew at twice the speed of sound, and the scientists and engineers who made his record-breaking flight from New York to London a reality.

The Museum’s education team infuses the history and science behind our artifacts into educational programs, tours, and community outreach efforts at area hospitals, schools and libraries, reaching 200,000 youth each year.

If you are interested in learning how you can support educational initiatives at the Intrepid Museum, click here. To watch the first video, which highlights the Museum’s Oral History Project, click here.

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