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The Intrepid Holiday Spirit
Posted: 12/24/2013 9:01:55 AM

Happy Holidays from the team at the Intrepid Museum! We hope you are able to celebrate and enjoy time with friends and family this Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

Intrepid was on duty for many Christmas holidays throughout its service, including in 1967 when the ship was headed home from its second tour of duty in the Vietnam War. Crew members found time to entertain themselves and spread holiday cheer throughout the ship during these holidays away from family. Many former crew members have shared photos with the Museum of their holiday cheer.


Happy Holidas

There were ways to make the ship feel more like home, including festive holiday meals for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, and decorating the mess deck with handmade decorations. These festive decorations date from the late 1960s.


Festive Holiday Meals


In December 1954, Intrepid was in its home port of Norfolk, Virginia, and crew members were working to get the newly re-commissioned ship ready for service. For Christmas that year, Santa came to visit with crew members’ families and there was a party with caroling by the ship’s choir, clowns, and cake and ice cream.

For major holidays, the crew members aboard Intrepid worked hard to transform the ship and celebrate. This year, we wish you and yours the happiest of holidays! In the words of Captain William T. Easton, Intrepid’s commanding officer in December 1954, “May all of you enjoy a joyous and memorable holiday season.”