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New Exhibition Now Open: Masters of Disguise
Posted: 3/7/2014 9:10:52 AM

Masters of Disguise

The Intrepid Museum’s latest exhibition, Masters of Disguise: the World of Camouflage opened this week in the Michael Stern Gallery in hangar 2.

Have you ever wondered why a squirrel is gray? Or why some bugs look like sticks? The answer to these questions is, camouflage. This interactive, engaging exhibition explores the art and science of camouflage in the natural world as well as its cultural adaptations.

For many animals, being able to hide in plain sight or look like something entirely different is a necessity of survival. Camouflage primarily utilizes methods of concealment or deception, as it aims to hide its wearer or mislead pursuers.

To better explain this to our visitors the exhibition has been broken down into four categories: obscuring, mimicry, disruptive and countershading. Visitors will learn the details of each and be able to distinguish between them. Using digital imagery, artifacts and interactive elements visitors will explore color, shade and shapes to learn how they can fool the eye.

Watch this video to learn more about the installation of Masters of Disguise: the World of Camouflage, which will be available until August 24, 2014.
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