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Women in STEM at the Intrepid Museum
Posted: 3/25/2014 10:21:51 AM


The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is dedicated to honoring, educating and inspiring—a mission that takes on extreme significance during Women’s History Month each March, as we focus our educational programming on promoting women in the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education. Part of these endeavors is our GOALS for Girls program, which recruits some of the most eager future scientists of New York City. Every year, we select fifty high school women to complete an intensive six-week summer camp, exploring the various studies within STEM. These young women then continue to practice their passions in science year-round with weekend family days and lectures from professional women in engineering, robotics, medicine and even deep-sea diving.

Audrey Lee, a GOALS for Girls alum and current intern for our educational department, wrote about her experience as being part of this inspirational Women in STEM initiative:

In many of my history classes, I learned about so many great scientists and inventors: Thomas Jefferson, Alexander G. Bell, Albert Einstein. But what is missing from this picture? Where are all the females in science? I have heard of a few, like Marie Curie, but I couldn’t help but notice that much of the STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) field is made up of men.

So what can I be when I grow up? In the past, this question always pestered me whenever my parents or relatives asked. It was a question I didn’t know the answer to until I joined Camp GOALS for Girls in 2012. Over the course of one summer, I learned about many different STEM fields during multiple science-themed weeks, including space and marine science. Not only was I able to explore the science world, I was also given the opportunity to do it with fifty other girls and a number of wonderful female mentors. I learned about leadership, public speaking, and how to share my thoughts in speech and writing. Those six weeks were the best of my life and I truly felt that I changed my life forever. By the end of the summer, I realized that I could become anything I wanted to be.

With every end comes a new beginning. The end of my summer at Camp GOALS opened me up to a world of opportunities. I am currently an intern with the Intrepid Navigators program and I have been given the chance to work with six other ladies, learning more about science and the careers I can pursue in the future. I hope to become a biomedical engineer one day. And I know that regardless of the fact that I am female, I can still pursue my own path in the STEM fields.
We are so proud to help advance these ladies’ passions and future careers here at the Intrepid Museum. We believe that there are limitless opportunities to explore the STEM fields and ways we can find, educate and train the future scientists of America.