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Learn About the Forces of Flight from Intrepid Educators
Posted: 9/17/2013 9:47:26 AM


As students go back to school this September, the Intrepid Museum is sharing several videos from Intrepid Educators. The Education team at the Museum has tons of great demonstrations, presentations, and tours for students of all ages and on themes of aviation, marine science, history, and space science.

In these two videos, learn about Gravity and Lift, the first two forces of flight. See more videos from our Educators, Tour Guides, and Curators on our website or YouTube page.


The Intrepid Museum has been delivering high quality educational programming to tens of thousands of students and teachers for more than 20 years, with programs that showcase Intrepid as an iconic symbol of service and history, covering topics relating to history, science, leadership, engineering, technology, and culture. All school programs are aligned with state and national standards and promote literacy, scientific investigation, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills, curiosity, leadership development, and hands-on learning about history and sciences.

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