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Members get to see and do more at the Museum. Join us for these events offered exclusively for members, and take advantage of special perks.

Aircraft Restoration Hangar

Member-only viewing hour: Skyray and the Aircraft Restoration Hangar

Saturday, July 31 from 10-11am

  • Enjoy a private tour of the Museum's Aircraft Restoration Hangar! Members will be able to take a close look at our newest aircraft, a Douglas F4D Skyray that actually flew off of Intrepid. Hear from staff members as they describe how we preserve our impressive aircraft collection and share Skyray's restoration plans. Register for this private experience today!


Submarine Growler

Member-only viewing hour: Submarine Growler

Saturday, August 28 from 10-11am

  • Join us for a private viewing of the submarine Growler, the only guided-missile nuclear submarine on public view in the US! Members will have exclusive access to the submarine and the chance to interact with volunteers who served on submarines. Register for this private experience today!

Intrepid's Island

Member-only viewing hour: Intrepid's Island

Sunday, September 26 from 10-11am

  • Take in the best views of New York City from Intrepid's island! Enjoy a private viewing experience of one of the most popular historic areas at the Museum. Members will also be able to interact with Intrepid former crew members who served in and around the Island. Register for this private event today!

Space Shuttle Pavilion

Member-only viewing hour: Space Shuttle Pavilion

Saturday, October 30 from 10-11am

  • Sign up to participate in this private viewing experience of the Space Shuttle Pavilion. Get nose to nose to the space shuttle Enterprise, the largest NASA artifact in the Northeast and meet an Intrepid crew member who played a key role in the Space Race. Register for this private event today!

Fleet week

Member-only Former Crew Member talk

Wednesday, March 24

  • Meet an Intrepid former crew member! Join us on March 24 from 6-7pm ET to hear from Commander Commander John W. White USN (Ret.), who served aboard the ship from 1967-1969. He worked as a Photagrapher's Mate and will share stories about working in the ship's photo lab, which the Museum plans to reopen later this spring.

Fleet week

Member-only Preview: Reopening Intrepid's Photo Lab

Wednesday, April 28

  • Hear from Jessica Williams, curator of history, and Chris Malanson, Assistant Vice President of Exhibits, as they share how the Museum reopens historic spaces. They'll take us through the process from how we prioritize spaces to reopen, to how we gather stories from crew members, to how we rebuild the spaces and every step in between.

October 10 Submarine Growler
October 17 Space Shuttle Pavilion
October 24 Intrepid's Island

Member-only Viewing Hours

Select Saturdays in October from 10-11am

  • Enjoy Member-only access to some of the most popular spaces on select Saturday mornings in October.

Member Virtual Collection Tours

Virtual Collection tour for Members

Thursday, October 29 at 6:00pm via Zoom

  • Take a virtual tour of the collection with curator of history Jessica Williams and collections manager Danielle Swanson to learn how sailors aboard Intrepid and Growler celebrated milestones and holidays. Though they were away from family and friends, the crews created their own traditions and adapted others to mark important days together.

Member-only Curator Talk

Wednesday, January 27 from 6-7pm ET

  • Join Museum supporters as they hear from Eric Boehm, curator of aviation, as he shares information about an aircraft he hopes to add to the Museum’s collection: a Douglas F4D Skyray that flew off Intrepid in the 1950s.
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