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Mess Deck
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Cooks carve roast beef for Christmas dinner, c. 1960–1962. (Collection of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Gift of the estate of John P. Roby. P2011.30.04)

Mess Deck

Feeding more than 2,500 ravenous sailors was a hot, fast-paced and exhausting job. Intrepid’s commissarymen started well before breakfast and worked until after dinner. They sweated over grills, ovens and fryers in two massive galleys (kitchens).

The mess deck—the ship’s main eating facility—was a social hub for enlisted sailors. The men who created menus knew that food affected morale. Cooks tried to satisfy the crew, even though pleasing everyone was impossible. Intrepid crew members remember chow as ranging from “five star” to “the worst I’ve ever had in my life.”

Watch former Intrepid sailors and officers describe food service on the ship.


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