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The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is excited to present Mission Intrepid: Explore Enterprise! This free iPhone mobile application, available for iOS 7, includes nine different experiences that you can unlock and complete to earn badges, as well as a surprise that is unlocked at the end of the mission.

Explore Enterprise enhances the experience of visiting the Museum’s Space Shuttle Pavilion, as different exhibits in the Pavilion act as trigger points. Standing next to certain exhibit zones, you can line up your phone to the trigger points and the innovative technology in the app will unlock fun facts, behind-the-scenes videos and fully-immersive augmented reality experiences. Starting December 11, you can download the app here and purchase tickets to visit the Intrepid Museum here.

Explore Enterprise is designed to interact with the exhibits at the Intrepid Museum's Space Shuttle Pavilion. But there is still a lot of great content to explore if you can't visit. Whichever your preference, download the app and get started today!
As you move through the app, you will learn about NASA, space travel, aerospace and flight, Enterprise and the Space Shuttle Program. Mission Intrepid: Explore Enterprise not only expands on the in-person experience in the Space Shuttle Pavilion, but it also has a focus on space, science and STEM. Mission Intrepid: Explore Enterprise is just one way the Intrepid Museum is educating the public and inspiring innovation.
The Intrepid Museum fulfills its mission to honor our heroes, educate the public and inspire our youth by connecting them to history through hands-on exploration while bridging the future by inspiring innovation. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube, or visit us at www.intrepidmuseum.org!
For technical questions or concerns, please contact ar-support@ad-dispatch.com
Pubic Wi-Fi will be available in the Space Shuttle Pavilion.
To unlock all of the experiences in this app, please click here.