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Current Exhibitions
Current Exhibitions
May 10th - December 3rd 2017
Drones: Is the Sky the Limit?


Drones: Is the Sky the Limit?


This large-scale exhibition will showcase historical artifacts, model airplanes, rare videos and immersive installations exploring the earliest attempts to employ unmanned flying machines to the advanced systems of the 21st century and beyond. Visitors will be able to fly actual drones and watch the dizzying first-person viewpoint of a drone racing; get up close and personal with Volantis, the world’s first “flying dress,” designed by global superstar Lady Gaga, in collaboration with TechHaus, the technology development division of her Haus of Gaga, and Studio XO, on public display for the first time ever; see a prototype of an Amazon cargo vehicle designed for home delivery of online shopping orders; explore the use of drones in police and fire departments; see how drone technology creates new perspectives for photographers, artists, filmmakers and stage productions; explore the implications of pilotless aircraft on industries including infrastructure, agriculture and meteorology; learn about its contributions to conservation and humanitarian efforts; and consider what the future holds – from the possibility of personal flying cars to space exploration.

Free with Museum Admission.


November 1st
Ports of Call

  Ports of Call
Open Now

Intrepid’s missions took the ship and crew to cities around the globe. At each port of call, crew members visited tourist attractions, historic sites, souvenir shops, restaurants and bars. View their souvenirs, memorabilia, photographs, film footage and oral histories, and learn the significance of these journeys to the young sailors who formed Intrepid’s crew.

September 29th 2016 - January 27th 2018
Special Exhibition: Don’t Be a Dilbert! U.S. Navy Safety Posters

Special Exhibition: Don’t Be a Dilbert! U.S. Navy Safety Posters   Special Exhibition: Don’t Be a Dilbert! U.S. Navy Safety Posters

Now Open

See the Museum’s collection of U.S. Navy safety posters, illustrated by noted cartoonist Robert Osborn. These World War II posters feature two blundering cartoon characters—Dilbert the pilot and Spoiler the mechanic—whose slip-ups endangered lives and equipment. Free with general admission.

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