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SOYUZ TMA-6 Spacecraft Craned Onto Intrepid
Posted: 10/18/2011 12:26:48 PM

A Soyuz TMA-6 spacecraft, on loan from Greg Olsen, was craned onto the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum on Tuesday, October 18.
A large crane picked up the seven-foot tall by seven-foot wide spacecraft, scarred by re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere after its voyage into space, from Pier 86 and lowered it onto the Intrepid’s portside aircraft elevator. The capsule will be the latest addition to the Museum’s displays relating to outer space and provide visitors the rare opportunity to view an original Russian spacecraft.
The capsule returned Olsen, who was the third private citizen to experience space travel, back to Earth in October 2005 after he traveled to the International Space Station.

Donor Greg Olsen (right) and Intrepid’s Assistant Vice President of Exhibits, Christopher Malanson (left) with the Soyuz TMA-6 Spacecraft