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Home > August 2011 > STS-135 Crew Visits Intrepid
STS-135 Crew Visits Intrepid
Posted: 8/19/2011 4:22:50 PM


 Atlantis Crew encourages campers to follow their dreams

On Thursday, August 18th, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum welcomed the crew of Atlantis STS-135: Commander, Christopher Ferguson, Pilot, Doug Hurley, Mission Specialist, Sandra Magnus and Mission Specialist, Rex Walheim.   This visit was especially meaningful – this crew flew NASA’s final shuttle mission – and they wrapped up their visit to NYC with a trip to Intrepid, future home of Enterprise (OV-101), the first Space Shuttle Orbiter.
The Astronauts spent the day meeting, greeting, taking photos with and autographing everything from headshots to space memorabilia for Museum guests.  The crew, along with NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver, also spent time talking about their mission, about NASA’s future and about the importance of following your dreams with Camp Intrepid campers and participants of Intrepid’s Camp G.O.A.L.S for Girls, a program that promotes STEM studies for young women.  "This is a special circumstance for me," the mission's commander, Chris Ferguson, said. "Being a Navy guy I'm happy to get back on an aircraft carrier. Smells just like home."
Atlantis’ 13-day spaceflight was the 135th and last flight of NASA's 30-year shuttle program, which is being retired to make way for a new program aimed at deep space exploration.

Happy faces after meeting the Astronauts!

Intrepid CFO, Pat Beene is presented with special collage as a “Thank You” from NASA and the crew of Atlantis