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Join us for the Space & Science Festival—a week of talks, films, special guests from NASA and cutting-edge displays. Hear from innovators forging new paths on this planet and off it, meet astronauts, and get a look at NASA technology, including a Mars rover concept vehicle.

Activities on Pier 86 are free, except for the exhibition Drones: Is the Sky the Limit? Activities and presentations in the Museum and Space Shuttle Pavilion are free with Museum admission.


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Free Movie on the Flight Deck ❱
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Free Family Astronomy Night ❱
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Moon Shot ❱

Special Exhibits and Presentations BY NASA

Space explorers and stargazers of all ages will discover some of NASA’s most exciting missions, from the powerful James Webb Space Telescope that will see back in time to study the earliest galaxies after the big bang, to the technology and hardware that will send humans to deep space destinations, including Mars. Explore the International Space Station and planets in and out of our solar system using virtual reality, and get hands-on with NASA’s latest tech, launch systems, new X-plane designs, Earth observations and more. Meet NASA scientists, engineers and astronauts, and don’t miss an interactive panel about going to Mars.


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