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2014’s Intrepid Moments in Special Events

The year 2014 was incredible, filled with inspiring and exciting events at the Intrepid Museum. From AVP Lisa Yaconiello's highlight event, the Super Bowl’s Bud Light Hotel at the start of the year (yes, that was already a year ago!) to major press events for Nike Soccer, Disney and Fox’s rebooted television show 24, the Special Events team was definitely busy, to say the least. Corporate summer outings and holiday celebrations were also among some of the amazing fêtes the Museum hosted. The Special Events team has rounded up some of 2014’s highlights, and hopefully you’ll be just as inspired as we are:

Cherisse Challenger, Director of Special Events:  “The Pettengill/Schott wedding was the highlight of my year!  How many people can say that they helped a bride and groom make their entrance as husband and wife by bringing them up in a plane on an aircraft elevator to the flight deck, with the Manhattan skyline as their backdrop? Talk about a WOW factor!”

Trudy Chan, Special Events Manager: “A major highlight for me was Land Rover's unveiling of its Discovery series of vehicles and partnership with Virgin Galactic. With the help of a 250-ton crane, lots of crew and expert planning, we were able to display an irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind concept car AND a model spacecraft on our flight deck! This could have only happened at the Intrepid Museum.

Lisa Rubin, Special Events Manager: “A standout moment this year was working with Chris Rice and his incredible Broadway dance troupe. They put their skills to work and created an entertaining homage to our veterans called #TappyTroops. Their energy was infectious, and you can’t help but smile and dance when you watch the video. They were able to create a flashy and fresh viral video that also highlights some unique features that only the Intrepid Museum can offer.”

Brittany Deane, Special Events Manager: “For me, the highlight of the year was the Gagnon Securities 15th Anniversary Dinner. The CEO, a former U.S. Army EOD captain, was surprised with an honorary seat in the Allison & Howard Lutnick Theater. A Seat of Honor is a gift that recognizes a military service person’s contribution and supports the Intrepid Museum’s mission. The sheer surprise and joy on his face made the event a huge success for me.”

Emily Embler, Special Events Administrative Assistant: “The highlight of my year has to be the Ardbeg event produced by Havas Media, which celebrated the return of a special bottle of its Scotch that was aged in space for three years on the International Space Station. The Great Hall was transformed into a classy lounge that at once represented traditional Celtic heritage and the future of scientific innovation—a perfect blend of old and new!”

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Flight Deck Virtual Tour
Flight Deck Virtual Tour

Our flight deck offers an unparalleled option for planning your next outdoor event, and with the city skyline as your view, it certainly amps up the ambiance. With space to host a cocktail reception for up to 1,500 guests, it’s the perfect start for gala events. And if an unconventional twist is what you seek, then the flight deck certainly fits the bill. Concerts, sporting events, film/photo shoots and fashion shows are just a few of the productions the flight deck is built to land.  

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Flashback Fact

While the Special Events team doesn’t look to be as strategic at playing checkers as these sailors, you can bet that we’re the best at orchestrating all the moving pieces that come together to create an unforgettable event on board the ship. Checkers, along with card games, was a common pastime for men stationed on Intrepid and the submarine Growler.

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