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Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum’s Tour Guide Talks are bite sized Museum video tours with big impact. Viewers are encouraged to submerge themselves in the history of submarine Growler, take an intimate look inside the British Airways Concorde, and marvel at the innovation of the A-12 Blackbird. Stay tuned as more Talks featuring the Museum’s expert Tour Guides will continue to be released.

If these two minute virtual talks leave you wanting more, take a look at the Intrepid Museum’s wide variety of on-site Guided Tour offerings, on sale now!

V-J Day Gun Tub 10 Gemini 3
Gemini 3 Kamikaze Attacks of November 25, 1944 Navy Bells
Baseball Players During World War II Holiday Traditions Naval Superstitions
Soyuz Space Capsule Port Side Aircraft Elevator RMS Titanic: Comparing Titanic and Intrepid
Anchor Chain Room: How Intrepid's Anchors Work Combat Information Center: The Brain of USS Intrepid Rosie the Riveter: An Iconic Figure in American History
USS Mason: Paving the Way for African Americans A4 Skyhawk: An Exception to the Rule FJ-3 Fury
Vietnam TBM Avenger: A Design Challenge Ejection Seats: A High Propulsion Escape Route
Captain's Bridge: Welcome Aboard A-12: Faster than a Speeding Bullet Top Secret! Submarine Growler
Inside the British Airways Concorde