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Discovering the Hidden Kingdom But With a Twist
Posted: 8/26/2019 5:10:21 PM

Intrepid Teen Blog
GOALS for Girls

by Tsetan Dhondup

You are probably wondering what the GOALS girls are doing in the second to last week of the program. Well, guess what? They are still fully engaged as they dive into the world of marine science. They learned about the importance of recycling after interacting with magnets, air compressors and conveyors at SIMS Municipal Recycling Center. They saw the machines and people that sort New York City’s recyclables and were able to capture the bigger picture of the effect water pollution has on aquatic animals.

Water pollution has always been a rising issue with us humans being the main reason. Little did we know, every day about two million tons of sewage and agricultural waste are discharged into the world’s water. Not only has there been an increase in infectious disease such as waterborne, but there also has been a widespread decline in the population of mammals. Instances like the BP oil spill, the largest offshore spill in US history, killed thousands of marine mammals and sea turtles, and contaminated their habitats. Learning about how this spill released 134 gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, the GOALS girls took action and made their own filtration system out of fabrics, cups, cotton balls and feathers. During the experiment, when trying to remove oil from fresh water, there was a lot of trial and error which forced the girls to work as a team and really think about the purpose of each material and how it can work together as one. Not only did they explore the disaster of the BP oil spill, but they also saw the importance of working together to find a solution to a problem.

In addition to the girls exploring, they had the chance to explore the beauty of the "hidden kingdom," which lies right beneath us. As they journeyed into National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey, the girls were amazed by the diversity and the home to these innocent aquatic mammals. While exploring the beauty of the underwater kingdom of sea lions, turtles, whales, the Humboldt squid and kelp virtually, the girls realized that humans are the only ones with the power to save these creatures.

As week five came to an end, the girls had the chance to experience recreational aquatics through kayaking at Pier 2, located in Brooklyn, New York. When kayaking, they played numerous games like Shark and Fish and Catch the Ball. A couple of girls did fall in the water. However, they got right back up with the support of their peers and continued with a cheerful spirit. Making new memorable memories with friends, they truly experienced a discovery of the hidden kingdom but with a twist.