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The Colors of Technology
Posted: 8/5/2019 11:30:19 AM

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GOALS for Girls

Lila Tan and Tsetan Dhondup

This week, the girls started to get a more in-depth look into technology. They got to experience Ozobots and Microbits, two types of tiny computers. For the Ozobots, the GOALs girls used pre-made tracks for usage of the Ozobots. The tiny robots have sensors that can detect the different colors on the tracks and make different actions based on the sequence of colors as it goes on the track. They also got the chance to make their own tracks to test their Ozobots.

In the blue classroom, the girls used Microbits to connect with Scratch to play around with a more simplistic way to look at coding. They were then assigned to use Scratch and the Microbit to create code to use the Microbit as an activity tracker. There were many cool projects with sound effects – some recorded with their own voices – which utilized different backgrounds and sprites (characters) to make their projects more unique.

“They were then assigned to use Scratch and the Microbit to create code to use the Microbit as an activity tracker.”
As the girls are now exposed to the different types of apps that allow them to get a grasp of what coding looks like, they visited the Cooper Hewitt museum. The museum uses technology as a way to visualize nature and allow visitors to put their ideas into action but on the screen. Throughout the museum, there were a lot of hands-on activities that allowed the girls to be creative.

One in particular was called the Immersion Room. The room, which used to be Margaret Carnegie’s bedroom, allowed the girls to create their own designs and watch as their wallpapers unfolded on the walls from floor to ceiling. With the visit to Cooper Hewitt coming to an end for the girls, they understood the vision of its founders, Sarah and Eleanor Hewitt, who intended for the museum to be "a practical working laboratory."