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The Future of GOALS for Girls
Posted: 8/26/2019 5:11:36 PM

Intrepid Teen Blog
GOALS for Girls

by Anietie Ekanem, GOALS alumna 2017

Every girl has a different experience during the GOALS (Greater Opportunities Advancing Leadership and Science) for Girls Summer Intensive program, and yet the same feelings, experiences and ideas can be grasped from GOALS. My summer as a GOALS girl changed my perception on who I can be in the future and how my innovative thoughts could change the world. The many places we visited, the topics we learned, the female STEM mentors who shared their experiences and the ideas shared during GOALS enlightened me towards a STEM-based future. Throughout the years, the GOALS program has opened opportunities for GOALS girls and transforms girls into scientists, engineers and mathematicians. I decided to interview three GOALS girls from this summer to gain insight on how this program is transforming and supporting them through their STEM journey.

I got the chance to interview Karen, Anna and Lissette, participants in GGSI 2019. To create a better understanding on how the GOALS program has developed them, I asked the girls what their expectation of this program was. Before starting this program, Karen said that she expected "a lot of field trips, learning different topics, mentorship (women in STEM) and lessons about leadership." During the program, the GOALS girls went on trips to the Bronx Zoo, Yale University, Microsoft, kayaking and New York University, which all three participants loved. When asked what the most interesting part of the GOALS program was, Karen said she loved the NYU trip because they participated in scientific labs, which was something she had always wanted to do. The NYU trip opened Karen’s eyes to the numerous STEM fields that she could participate in and explore.

In interviews, Anna explained how this program changed her perception about her future. She gained more ideas about STEM careers and what to look forward to in high school. Anna and Lisette both mentioned that being in a room with forty-nine other girls made them more confident because they worked in groups and learned from each other.

So what’s next for Anna, Karen and Lissette? The girls said they would apply for STEM-related internships and programs, or apply for internships and programs at the Intrepid Museum such as the Youth Leadership Institute program or the GOALS for Girls Navigator internship.

When I got accepted to GOALS for Girls, I was excited to learn a lot of STEM-related subjects and go on a lot of trips. However, this program has shaped me into who I am now. After GOALS I kept in contact with the Intrepid Museum and did both the Youth Leadership Institute program (also known as YLI@Intrepid) and the YLI@Intrepid internship. Seeing the excitement of the 2019 GOALS girls and the wealth of knowledge gained, and comparing it to my own summer with GOALS, illustrates that the GOALS for Girls Summer Intensive program has influenced girls in the past, present and will continue to do so in the future.