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Exploring the Unknown of the Universe
Posted: 7/30/2019 9:25:26 AM

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By Lila Tan and Tsetan Dhondup

This week was "Welcome to Space Science!". The real fun with NASA began on Tuesday, where the GOALS girls got to do a Skype video call with some of the NASA crew who were doing a rocket launch in celebration of the Apollo 11 50th anniversary. Prior to that, the Intrepid Museum was given the honor of having Tim Kopra, a former astronaut, talk about his experience and answer questions that the GOALS girls had for him.

Three GOALS girls, Kate, Stephanie P. and Tatyana C., were also given the cool opportunity of being interviewed by local news to chat about the special event. An added bonus was the awesome goodie bags or swag the NASA team gave out to everyone! Later in the afternoon, we were also treated to another NASA web chat with Rosa, who is a female engineer. This was a really great opportunity as it gave the girls a chance to talk with a female working in STEM and gain insight into more options for their futures.

“Later in the afternoon, we were also treated to another NASA web chat with Rosa, who is a female engineer.”
As Week 2 comes to an end, the girls had the chance to get away from learning about space by visiting the Carrasco Lab at NYU. In this lab, Professor Marisa Carrasco and her team use a wide range of cognitive neuroscience and psychological research methods to study how attention affects our visual perception. Not only did the girls learn more about visual perception, but they were also able to participate in a range of hands-on activities that were designed to teach them about different technologies and experimentation, and careers in psychology and neuroscience.