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How Stressed Out Students Can Find Zen
Posted: 6/11/2019 4:24:24 PM

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By Dejonaye H- GOALS Ambassador

The Brooklyn Zen Center is a community where students learn the teachings of Buddha's love and interconnectedness. It was formed by traditions the San Francisco Zen Center founder, Shunryu Suzuki, follows.

Participants of the Intrepid Museum's GOALS for Girls Navigator Internship-Mentorship program visited the Brooklyn Zen Center and the experience was life-changing. With all the stress we face with school and work, we sometimes forget the need to just relax and take a break. We had the chance to meditate, which allowed us to pay attention to our bodies and recognize how it signals the need for a break. One of the GOALS navigators, Tsetan D., said that "having the chance to have a day full of mindfulness at the Brooklyn Zen Center was what I needed. I never really had the time to really sit down and just meditate.''

Another Navigator Sarah B., said ''Visiting the Awake the Youth event at the Zen Center was honestly the most calming thing ever. The concept of time was just completely removed from my mind.''

“With all the stress we face with school and work, we sometimes forget the need to just relax and take a break.”
At the center, we learned different methods of meditation. For example, the types of meditation include body, sound and breath. Body scan meditation is when you scan areas of the body for any tension. The goal is to allow the tension to relax. Sound meditation is when we focus on a variety of instruments. In our case, we had a drum. We focused on the last sound we heard when the instructor beat on the drum. Breath awareness meditation had us focus only on the sound of our breath so we could ignore other thoughts that entered the mind. There are many ways to meditate but these are the ones we learned during our short time at the Zen Center.

If you find meditation intriguing and you just want to meditate, you can visit the Brooklyn Zen Center located at 505 Carroll Street between 3rd and 4th Avenues. Membership costs anywhere from $50 to $108. Once you become a member, they offer a Beginner’s Mind Experience that lasts three months. However, other people who are not members can drop in on the Beginner’s Mind program once a month. To participate as a non-member, they ask for a $10 donation, but no one is turned away, even if they can’t afford it, which is perfect for teenage students.

For more information on The Brooklyn Zen Center visit: