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How to Make Your Vision a Reality
Posted: 3/18/2019 5:00:00 PM

Intrepid Teen Blog

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by Carmen M. — GOALS Ambassador

Whenever I want to be successful in any assignment that involves getting creative, I rely on believing in myself and communicating my ideas assertively. Those are characteristics I developed from learning and practicing the following habits throughout my time at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum and in my life.

1. Getting your creative juices flowing.
When an idea strikes, what do you do? Do you write it down or do you brush it aside? If you are trying to make your visions into a reality you should take note of it. You can record yourself talking about the ideas that come to your mind or type them down in your phone – whatever works for you! You shouldn't brush aside ideas that you think might not make sense because it could be the beginning of creating a final project.

Insert Alt Text 2. Look for inspiration.
If you are stuck on finding a passion, look for things that excite you. It can be people who have a different way of thinking, your surroundings or just scrolling through the Internet. You can go out into the world and take ideas from the experiences you encounter or from networking. For me, I like to ask people for their opinions, do a keyword search online to see what others are doing that interests me or even wander around the streets on NYC.

3. Don’t second guess yourself.
Most people have a habit of second guessing their decisions, which tends to overcomplicate their life. I will admit that I do second guess myself at times but I have learned to trust my gut. I found that the times in which things were done the way I liked were because I listened and didn’t doubt myself. This may sound like a cliché but it actually works!

“Whenever I want to be successful in any assignment that involves getting creative, I rely on believing in myself and communicating my ideas assertively.”
4. Create an outline.
Once you have an idea of what you want to do, draft out how you are going to accomplish it. You can format it in any way you like. Since I am a visual person, I like a visible representation of the items that I will be including in my project. If I forget something I can refer back to the notes I took earlier to make sure I have everything I want. The outline ensures execution.

5. Share!
It can be challenging to muster up the confidence of presenting your ideas to someone else. I believe that accepting constructive criticism is the only way of improving your work and it can make you be aware of something you didn’t notice before. Perfecting your assignment doesn’t happen on the first try. You are going to have to revise multiple times to feel confident.

I hope these tips can help you realize that being self-assured in whatever you are doing comes from communicating your ideas with yourself and others.

Editor’s Note: The Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum hosts educational programs that introduce teenagers to careers in STEM and help them develop lifelong leadership skills. Participants in GOALS for Girls and the Youth Leadership Institute have contributed to the Museum’s Teen Blog with personal essays on a skill or quality they have cultivated at the Intrepid Museum.