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Building a Dream, Building a Team, Part 2
Posted: 11/16/2018 10:00:00 AM

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by Nav Ambassadors: Dejonaye and Aliyah

On October 8, the Navs and mentors did a team-building activity in which each group was supplied paper, tape, and scissors. The assignment was to build the tallest tower with the supplies alone. In a classroom at the Intrepid Museum, we were divided into teams of four to five people.

“Building onto each other's ideas and giving everyone a chance to be included really helped us form better ideas.”
Dejonaye: In my group, we had an assembly line of two girls who folded the paper as a cylinder. They passed the paper to the rest of the girls who stacked the paper to make it as tall as possible. This team-building activity was fun because we built on each other’s strengths. For example, the girls who were good at folding paper focused on that. The girls who were good at balancing and building stacked and placed the paper on top of each other. This activity incorporated everyone’s skills and combined them to make something wonderful. Although my team didn’t make the tallest tower, we still got to know each person’s strengths and weaknesses and learned how to build something with it.

Insert Alt TextIt also gave us a chance to see which roles our peers tend to take on during a group activity. We could see whether someone had more leadership qualities, whether they like supporting other members or working on their own, and if they could follow directions well. Furthermore, each group had a different approach to tackling the task.

Aliyah: Some groups started by planning the tower first, while my group went in without a set game plan. Other groups focused on dividing up the work and assigning roles, while some groups prioritized making sure everyone’s ideas were included somewhere in the tower.

One thing every group took away from this activity is that communication is key to teamwork. The reason every team was able to build such nice towers was that we listened to each other first and then added on. Building onto each other's ideas and giving everyone a chance to be included really helped us form better ideas. And even though only one team could build the highest tower, in the end, we all won because we had the opportunity to get to know our wonderful peers.