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It's All About Communication
Posted: 7/25/2018 10:00:00 AM

Intrepid Teen Blog


by Simone — Summer Intern; GOALS alum and Past Navigator, 2014

As I walked aboard the ship, Intrepid on Tuesday morning, I was relieved, but also saddened for the start of the day; sad, because we couldn’t go kayaking due to inclement weather, but relieved that we were able to come up with something out-of-the-box and completely fun for the girls to do instead.

The GOALS staff and I were all hesitant on how the girls would respond to the activities we had planned because, the student were so excited to kayak. Nonetheless, we started the day with a morning energizer called Zoom. This is an activity I first played as a participant of the Intrepid’s Youth Leadership Institute.

It is a stressful and intense game that heavily relies on your communication skills and ability to clearly describe to another player what you are looking at. From start to finish, it was a bit rough watching the girls play the game.

Eventually one GOALS girl took charge and helped the others finish the activity. Each had just a piece of a larger picture, with only verbally describing their own picture (a piece of the puzzle), the GOALS girls had to arrange themselves so that once revealed the picture would be organized and complete. They all learned that in order to effectively get things done, such as this game, they will need to communicate.

Communication was the theme that came to follow the girls in the activities that focused on marine, earth and environmental science. For the last activity of the day, the GOALS staff filled a baby pool with water, plastics, bits of pasta, paper, yarn, string, and more to mimic the ginormous garbage patch floating in the oceans today. It was to simulate the impact of the great accumulation of litter in natural aquatic environments.

In small groups, the girls had to devise a way to clean the garbage patch using the materials provided. As an added challenge, GOALS staff gave a time constraint of only 14 minutes to build a water filtration device with: scissors, large sticks, felt, hot glue, spoons, and funnels.

“Communication was the theme that came to follow the girls in the activities that focused on marine, earth and environmental science.”
Nothing could’ve prepared the girls for the amount of stress and pressure they were going to be under in order to create a device that can remove as much plastic, paper and waste from the polluted pool. All of the girls scrambled together in their groups of six or seven, and put their heads together to create what they thought would be the best filtration device ever.

As loud as they were, you would’ve never thought that these girls had met each other only less than three weeks ago. In the 14 minutes given, they were able to come up with a filtrator that they truly believed would effectively pick up and remove the most garbage. As testing commenced, some girls hilariously failed (and took their failure with pride), while some actually succeeded in collecting an incredible amount of litter in the allotted 15 seconds. The project was an incredible end to the day for the girls as they left much happier than they had arrived. The sadness from the lack of kayaking was dulled by the bonding and communication they had done that day.