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GOALS Will Forever Stick With You
Posted: 9/11/2019 10:34:36 AM

Intrepid Teen Blog
GOALS for Girls

by Tsetan Dhondup

Being a girl in today’s society can be difficult. As there is still a gender gap, it is truly important for girls to have a space where they will feel like they are not alone. With most of the GOALS girls entering high school and some already finished with their first year, it is practically a new beginning for them. With high school being a new environment that forces the girls to think about college and possibly their future, it is extremely important for them to really find their identity in a "safer" environment.

GOALS for Girls

GOALS for Girls is always trying to find new ways to make their space safer each summer. We decided that it would be great to try out this new way of communicating that will really allow these young girls to come out of their shell. This summer we introduced something called peer group. Peer groups are designed to provide a perspective outside of the individual's viewpoints. With GOALS for Girls being such an intensive STEM program, it was also important for the girls to have a small break for them to develop a much deeper relationship with others. As a result of GOALS girls participating in peer groups, they truly were able to not only open up and get out of their comfort zone but also gain a spark of trust with both the GOALS staff and their peers. With peer group being held in a small circle, each girl was able to see everyone face to face and really connect with them in every way. Whether it was mentally or emotionally, it made them feel like they were not alone

Taking the initiative, I decided to ask both the GOALS staff and girls: if you could describe peer group in one word, what would it be? Though the question was simple, the answers had so much meaning to them. Answers that I received from GOALS girls included "intimate, personal, helpful, enlightening, calming and supportive." When I asked Mesha, a member of the GOALS staff, her reply was honest and raw. "Peer group allowed for me and the girls to really break the barrier of a staff and student relationship," said Mesha. When reviewing all of the answers gathered from both staff and GOALS girls, two words stood out: safe and community. Taking these two powerful words, I connected it back to why GOALS really succeeds in helping young girls find their identity. To me, as a GOALS alumnae, it helped me see my personal growth as a woman working her way up in the STEM field. It really is true, GOALS will stick with you forever.