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Temporary Closure FAQ
1. When will the museum re-open?
The museum will re-open on December 21, 2012.
2. What if I purchased museum tickets for a date when the museum is temporarily closed?
You will be able to utilize your ticket for a future visit, receive a refund, or you may also choose to allocate the amount of your ticket purchase as a tax-deductible charitable donation to the Intrepid Museum. For tax purposes, you will receive an email substantiating the amount as a contribution. Your gift will support our efforts to provide educational programs that inspire thousands of students each year and exhibits that tell the stories of human courage.
Please call us at  646-381-5061  (from 9:30am-5:00pm EST Mon-Fri) for more information about any of these options.
3. I’m a museum member.  What happens to my membership while the museum is temporarily closed?
As a member you will be able to visit over 200+ select museums nationwide at no charge through the ASTC Passport Program. You can download a full list of participating ASTC Museums here. Members can also visit the USS Midway in San Diego, CA, The New York Hall of Science in Queens, NY and The Battleship NJ Museum and Memorial in Camden, NJ at no charge.

When we re-open, your current membership will also be credited with the time lost while we were closed
4. How can I contact the membership office?
Please note that while we are temporarily closed it may take us more time than usual to get back to you.  You can still reach us at 646-381-5030 or membership@intrepidmuseum.org
5.  How can I help?
There are many ways to get involved and help support the museum and its programs.
Click here to learn more
6. Was Space Shuttle Enterprise damaged during Hurricane Sandy?
The shuttle sustained only minor damage to her vertical stabilizer and work will begin to repair this as soon as possible.
7. Will the Space Shuttle Pavilion be open when the museum re-opens? 
The complex, including the former USS Intrepid, and Growler submarine will open first, with a rebuilt Space Shuttle Pavilion to follow in the Spring of 2013. A new temporary exhibit about Enterprise’s history will open on the Gallery Deck on January 17, 2013.
8.  During the rebuild of the Space Shuttle Pavilion, is the shuttle okay being exposed to the elements?
The Enterprise is built to withstand the elements and in the past has been exposed for lengthy periods of time.  However we are working diligently on covering her during the winter months as we redesign and re-erect a pavilion experience.
9.  I sponsored a star in the Space Shuttle Pavilion – what happens now?
Your star remains with Intrepid and will re-appear in the Space Shuttle Pavilion when it re-opens and will also be represented in the shuttle's permanent home once that has been completed at the Intrepid Museum.
10.  I have a question about an event or program that had been scheduled.  Who do I contact?
11.  What if I have an Intrepid Gift Card with an expiration date between October 29-December 31, 2012 that I never had an opportunity to use?
Gift cards due to expire between Oct 29-Dec 31, 2012 have been automatically extended through February 28, 2013.