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Flight Deck
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Where Inspiration Soars

From here, Intrepid launched propeller-driven planes during World War II, the jets that supported U.S. ground forces in Vietnam and the helicopters that recovered NASA astronauts in the 1960s. It was also here that Japanese kamikaze suicide planes hit, exacting their terrible toll upon Intrepid’s crew. Today, the flight deck holds most of Intrepid's collection of more than two dozen authentically restored aircraft. The flight deck is also home to our Space Shuttle Pavilion, featuring the space shuttle Enterprise.
In case of inclement weather, the Museum may close the flight deck and Space Shuttle Pavilion for the safety of all visitors.
Third Deck and Gallery Deck
  Explore Intrepid's Island

Start at "vulture’s row" where the crew would watch flight operations. Appreciate Intrepid's amazing length, as well as the majesty of Manhattan’s skyline. Then, "take the helm" on the navigation bridge and learn how crew members would navigate the oceans in any weather, day or night. Stand over real chart tables, radar consoles and communications equipment.

The line to the bridge may close early
  Admire our Awe-inspiring Aircraft

We take great pride in having one of the most varied aircraft collections in the nation. All five branches of the U.S. armed forces are represented, as well as several distinctive aircraft from around the world. From the Avenger torpedo bomber, a stalwart from Intrepid’s World War II service, to the A-12 Lockheed A-12, the formidable spy plane from the Cold War, the collection reflects some of the greatest achievements in military aviation.

Click here to download our Aircraft Collection Guide
  Restoration and Preservation

This process can be as easy as a fresh coat of paint or as complicated as manufacturing entire aircraft components from scratch. The Aircraft Restoration Team relies heavily on support from the service museums of the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, but the true heroes of our department are the dedicated crew of volunteers. These volunteers come from all walks of life and have invested thousands of hours performing everything from daily maintenance and research, to a major overhaul of the Museum’s collection.
  Space Shuttle Pavilion

The Space Shuttle Pavilion showcases the space shuttle Enterprise, the prototype NASA orbiter that paved the way for the space shuttle program. Seventeen dynamic exhibit zones feature original artifacts, photographs, audio, and films that immerse visitors in the science and history of Enterprise and the space shuttle era. Also located in the Pavilion is a space flown Soyuz TMA-6 space capsule, which invites comparison with Enterprise.