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Gallery and Third Deck
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Newly restored spaces on the Third Deck reveal daily life for the ship’s enlisted sailors.  On the Gallery Deck, visitors can view a ready room where pilots received their last instructions before taking off. In the nearby Combat Information Center (CIC), crew members tracked nearby ships and aircraft — friend and foe.
Third Deck and Gallery Deck
Marine Berthing  
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Restored Berthing Areas

Intrepid was home to 3,000 enlisted sailors, officers, and Marines.  Visit restored berthing areas that show the tight sleeping quarters that the majority of the ship’s crew endured.
Mess Deck  
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Mess Deck

On the mess deck, Intrepid’s enlisted crew members ate their meals. The mess, or dining area, has been restored to its original appearance after a massive remodeling in 1969. The vibrant décor – complete with custom paint colors, colorful textiles and Western-themed props – is unique to Intrepid.
Ready Room  
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Pilot Ready Room

Visit the Ready Room, where pilots received their final briefing before taking off on their missions.  View the comfortable chairs where Intrepid aviators spent long hours waiting for their orders, as well as jet-age pilot gear.
Combat Information Center  
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Combat Information Center (CIC)

Tour the Combat Information Center (CIC), where crew members tracked the location and movement of all nearby aircraft and ships, friend or foe. Complete with original radar scopes, wax plotter boards and communications equipment, CIC was top secret and state of the art for its day. Now it’s yours to relive.