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College Faculty Open House, Monday, October 15, 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Join us at the Museum for a special open house exclusively for college faculty. Sample our tour offerings for college groups while enjoying complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres aboard the ship. Throughout the evening, our professional tour guides will lead several short tours covering a variety of topics, including World War II, the roles of women in the military and the technology of spaceflight. Free. Registration required. REGISTER NOW

Exploring Space: Project Mercury, Enterprise and Beyond
Learn about past, present and future ventures in space travel as you examine some of the Museum's major artifacts. Discover Intrepid’s connection to the United States' early spaceflight programs Mercury and Gemini. Get a look at Enterprise, the first space shuttle, while hearing about the triumphs and tragedies of the space shuttle program. And see a Russian Soyuz capsule that flew to the International Space Station.

Intrepid 101
Learn about Intrepid’s history from World War II up to the Vietnam War, including historical details about aircraft carrier operations. Hear stories about the men who served aboard Intrepid, and see artifacts from the Museum’s collection as you explore the hangar deck and flight deck of the ship.

Pacific War: USS Intrepid in World War II
Learn about naval battles in the Pacific Ocean and the impact of U.S aircraft carriers in World War II. This tour will discuss the major conflicts that changed the course of the war and highlight Intrepid’s role in them.

Rolling Thunder: Intrepid in Vietnam 1966–1969
Intrepid was the American aircraft carrier that seemed least likely to play an attack role in Vietnam. Learn how the crew of Intrepid overcame challenges during the ship’s three tours of duty in the Vietnam War.

With Bravery and Distinction: The African American Journey in Sea, Air and Space
Learn about the accomplishments of pioneering African Americans in the fields of sea, air and space. Hear stories of individuals who overcame societal barriers and paved the way for future generations.

Intrepid Women: Stories of Extraordinary Women in the Military
Learn about women’s changing roles in the U.S. military from the 1940s to present day, reflecting the intrepid spirit of the iconic phrase “We Can Do It!”
Guided tours are offered at a rate of $18.50 per student, with one free faculty member for every ten students. This includes the cost of admission. Programs and rates are available for groups of 10 students or more.

For questions, please call 646-381-5169